Teacher trainee allowance has outlived its usefulness; scrap it – Gov’t told

Interviews Teacher trainee allowance has outlived its usefulness; scrap it  Govt told

Programmes Manager for Africa Education Watch, Divine Kpe has called on government to get rid of the Teacher Trainee Allowance system.

According to him, the allowance has outlived its usefulness and should be scrapped.

Speaking to Starr News in an interview, Divine Kpe argued that once the allowance is removed, it will allow more enrollment in Colleges of Education.

“I’ve all the time made the point that trainees allowance we don’t need it. It becomes at this point non expedient, it is not something that we needed to use to attract more teachers into the field. Already there are more teachers in the field and now the colleges are degree awarding institutions unlike previously where they were Teachers Certificate “A” and it came to Diploma so there’s even some sort of incentive for people to enroll in Colleges of Education because you know that when I graduate I’m going to be awarded the same degree as someone who attended the university,” the Africa Education Watch programmes manager said.

He continued, “This policy has outlived its usefulness, as I said it is more politically expedient at this point to say you want to maintain the allowance. It is not a sound policy to continue and we have seen government struggling to continue paying this allowance. Annually, we spend about GHC250 million on average feeding adults in colleges of education when in essence they could even have gotten the opportunity to access students loan that could even give them higher than the allowance they get.

“We don’t need to put ourselves in this situation where we want to stick to feeding adults in colleges of education and therefore we have to limit people’s chances of getting into colleges of education. It is not right.”

Mr. Divine Kpe shared these thoughts while commenting on reports of government seeking to cut admission into Colleges of Education by 30% due to lack of funds.

He is confident that if Teacher Trainee Allowance is scrapped, there wouldn’t be the need to cut admission.

Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo
Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo

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