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Presbyterian Church of Ghana inducts first woman minister

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Accra, Dec. 10, GNA- In an unprecedented move, the Ga Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana on Sunday inducted a woman as its Clerk and District Minister of the Kaajaano District of the church.

The Reverend Esther Abam Adjetey becomes the first woman in the history of the church in Ghana to be elected and elevated to the position of Minister in the Church.

In her acceptance speech, Rev. Adjetey said God had destined her life to be that of a story that had coherence and purpose that fitted into the bigger story God was telling.

=93One of the most exciting concepts I have come to believe in my journey through the Christian life is the idea that in every believer's life, a divine story is being written.

=93Infact, through all the countless occurrences of our lives, a guiding hand is at work. This guiding hand takes the raw material of one's life and makes from it a story-line=94, she said. =93I know that behind the seemingly chaotic and indiscriminate events of my life, a bigger story, a divine story is being written. The divine author, I am convinced, misses nothing. =93It has therefore been my prayer that the sovereign Lord drives the truth deep into my spirit that nothing is being missed in my life. Everything that happens to me 96 good, bad and indifferent- is being used to form a story=94, she noted.

Rev. Adjetey prayed that God granted her the grace to be a star of joy, hope and peace to the people of the Ga Presbytery, and to help her seek divine guidance in times of difficulty.

She also prayed that God helped her to take advantage of circumstances that may favour the cause of mankind, and when necessary, be made ready to renounce and exert herself for the good of others, adding, 93May He help me to value and seek the cooperation of fellow believers and to have an unbounded confidence in His providence.=94 She called on the congregation to let their constructive criticism, counselling and prayers go a long way to help her ministry. Rev. Adjetey, who is a teacher by profession, hails from Tema in the Greater Accra region. She attended the Komenda College, Presby Women's Specialist Training College, Aburi, the University of Cape Coast and the trinity Theological Seminary.

Her qualification include a Teachers Certificate A, Diploma in Advanced Study of Education, Bachelor of Education Degree and Special Ministerial Training Certificate.

She has attended various courses and conferences in the US, Norway, Korea, Cameroon and Nigeria, as well as holding key positions in various associations of the church.

Rev. Adjetey also serves on the Boards of some institutions under the Presbyterian Church. 10 Dec. 06

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