Honourable Joycelyn Tetteh: A Leader with A Difference

Feature Article Honourable Joycelyn Tetteh: A Leader with A Difference
DEC 21, 2022 LISTEN

A leader must consider himself or herself as someone who keeps a public place at which everyone is invited but not as a person who gives a private or eleemosynary treat. Indeed, the leadership deficit in Africa has been a cause of worry for many. Whilst the debate of whether the socio-economic challenges of African countries are attributable to poor leadership or colonization continues, we all agree at least, that the actions and inactions of most African leaders leave much to be desired. It is in this vein that when we come across leaders who distinguish themselves, we must trumpet their achievements and recognize them.

Nature and fortune rarely contend to bless an individual so handsomely as to have an equal measure of virtues poured out on him or her. In the case of honourable Joycelyn Tetteh, the member of parliament for the North Dayi Constituency in the Volta region, however, the succinct agreement between nature and fortune has produced a leader replete with benevolence, humanity and selflessness in providing for and helping the marginalized.

Honourable Joycelyn Tetteh as one of the youngest members of the Ghanaian parliament has demonstrated that the argument of age and achievement being directly proportional is not only facile but of no significance. Young and spirited, she has been representing the people of the North Dayi constituency for the past eight years helping to eradicate poverty, improve quality basic education and reduce teenage pregnancy among others.

It is no doubt that she is being recognized by various social organizations in Ghana and beyond for her excellent performance as a leader. As she wins another award, the 2022 most inspiring female Member of Parliament award (Youth/women empowerment) it is worth celebrating and recommending her leadership style to all.