20.12.2022 Press Release

Congratulations on successfully conducting the 10th congress of the NDC — NDC Germany Chapter

Congratulations on successfully conducting the 10th congress of the NDC — NDC Germany Chapter
20.12.2022 LISTEN

The NDC Germany chapter would like to congratulate the National Democratic Congress (NDC), on the success of the just-ended 10th congress of the party. Additionally, we would like to warmly congratulate the newly elected and inaugurated national executives of our party on their achievements.

We in the NDC Germany chapter take great joy and pride in the general conduct and outcome of the 10th congress of the party at the Accra sports stadium. Against the predictions of naysayers, the party conducted one of the most cordial congresses ever held in the history of Ghanaian politics. The festive atmosphere and comradery exhibited before, during, and after the elections were sights to behold and set the standards for how politics should be conducted. Through this congress, we have lived up to our reputation as a mass political party that genuinely cares about the well-being of the people.

With the choices made by congress, the NDC has demonstrated its commitment to the ideals of probity and accountability, and the love for country. We know that there is always a role for everyone in this great party and that we require the skills, talent, knowledge, and experience of every member of the party. In this spirit, we would like to call for an all-inclusive leadership that will harness every expertise available to the party to help return Ghana to a trajectory of growth and progress.

The battle ahead is mammoth, but as the eagles that we are, we will fly above the current turbulence in Ghana and cast our umbrella wide to provide relief and refreshment for all Ghanaians come 2024 and beyond.

Jerome Kpan Daniel Dake
(Secretary-NDC Germany Chapter) (Chairman-NDC Germany Chapter)

National Democratic Congress
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Münchingestraße 22, DE- 71282 Hemmingen.