10.12.2022 Feature Article

Benefits of Mahama's National Information Technology Agency (NITA)

Benefits of Mahama's National Information Technology Agency NITA
10.12.2022 LISTEN

It takes generational thinkers and visionary leaders like H.E. John Mahama to do what he did for Ghana as President.

His legacies are ultra-benefit driven, geared towards bringing relief and development to the people of Ghana. One of such legacies is his strengthening and retooling of the National Information Technology Agency which was established by Act 771 in 2008 by the Mills/Mahama Government as the ICT policy implementing arm of the Ministry of Communications.

NITA is the agency responsible for implementing Ghana’s IT policies, and its mandate includes identifying, promoting and developing innovative technologies, standards, guidelines and practices among government agencies and local governments, etc.

President Mahama's introduction of Government Online Services Project (e-Services) has brought enormous benefits to the people of Ghana which

include the reduction of amount of time and energy that citizens spend to commute to and from Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDA) premises when accessing Government Services from the various MMDAs which can easily and readily be accessible from one central portal.

Also, this shared infrastructure is helping Government Departments and Agencies to reduce cost, improve security of their database and so on.

Besides, the platform will also make it easier for Government-channeled partners to plug into Government database for delivery of services.

Anthony Obeng Afrane