09.12.2022 Health

Ghanaians cautioned against unprotected sex

Ghanaians cautioned against unprotected sex
09.12.2022 LISTEN

Ms Mariam Mahama, Nabdam District Health Director in the Upper Region, has cautioned citizens, especially the youth, to desist from indulging in unprotected sex with partners whose status are unknown.

She said because the youth were more afraid of getting pregnant and taking responsibility for their actions, once they secured themselves with family planning, they engaged recklessly in unprotected sex.

The Director said this at the commemoration of World AIDs Day, which concurrently took place with the farmer's day at Nangodi in the Nabdam District.

This year's World AIDS day was held on the theme: “Equalize” with a national adopted theme: ''20 years of Multi-sectoral HIV response: Accelerating response to end AIDS”. It aimed to create awareness and unite the people to renew the fight against the disease.

Ms Mahama noted that the major cause of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) was through sexual intercourse and it was important that people abstained or use condoms to prevent them from being infected with the disease.

“This is a clarion call because even if one person is affected with AIDS in a community because of the nature of its transmission, protecting oneself is not only beneficial but to an entire community and the country at large since a healthy life ensured productivity,” the Director said.

She advised the youth not to trade their health with anything, particularly with the excuse of the current economic challenges the country experienced, and which also had resulted in the hikes of price of condoms.

She said the prevalence of the disease in the district currently was 1.5 per cent and entreated all and sundry to get tested to know their status.

Ms Agnes Anamoo, the District Chief Executive, said the prevalence of the disease among the youth was a serious concern and called on them to follow the directive of the health Directorate and redirect their efforts towards the fight against the disease.