What The Suffering Ghanaians Should Know Is, These Are The Evidences That European Dogs Live Better Than You

Feature Article What The Suffering Ghanaians Should Know Is, These Are The Evidences That European Dogs Live Better Than You
DEC 9, 2022 LISTEN

In contrast to the tribal bigots in the Diaspora, who are more concerned with the individual in power in Ghana, than development, there are many others too who are working to improve conditions for the oppressed and the downtrodden masses. Unfortunately, they fail to recognize the aim of the message of those trying to improve their standard of living in Ghana.

Although Ghana has abundant resources including gold, diamonds, bauxite, cocoa, and oil, living a normal life has never been a goal because of corruption, even though dogs and cats in wealthy countries have better living standards than the typical Ghanaian.

Why does someone who lives in an advanced nation, care so much about Ghanaians' predicament? This should have been the question of any Ghanaian whether rich or poor since in Europe or the United States of America, one does not need to attend a university before finding employment and purchasing their ideal home and vehicle. A common worker can have whatever a rich man has.


Evidence 1. While animal hospitals in wealthy countries often have greater equipment to save the lives of animals, Ghanaian facilities lack such equipment.

Even though things are not going well in Ghana, it is difficult to stand up for the country's citizens. The fact that many people still want to choose someone they like to lead the country, and over-development, shows how strong tribalism can destroy the brain. This problem has made matters worse for the downtrodden people who have no hope.

I don't blame people who criticize those who are trying to improve their lives because many of them haven't had the chance to travel outside of Ghana's borders to neighboring African nations, let alone Europe. If just one-tenth of Ghana's population had the opportunity to travel to Europe, I doubt any of them would choose to support any political party in Ghana if they return.

I occasionally consider whether it is worth to fight for Ghanaians. The fact is that everything in the nation is getting worse every day, but whenever you try to improve things for the populace, the same populace will turn against you. Every group or person who works to make things better for the populace faces criticism both inside and outside Ghana.


Evidence 2. In developed nations, dogs and cats in particular enjoy a greater quality of life than the average Ghanaian. While many animals have life insurance coverage, the underprivileged in Ghana cannot even afford to visit the hospital because of a lack of funds.

When you try to identify problems for the people, there are always people to attack, making it difficult to correct the bad governance in our country. Even an illiterate person could see that something is wrong in Ghana and that the politics there are not for the people but for the survival of a political party.

Most people in developed countries don't cry for better living standards or for a certain political party to be in power. In contrast to Ghana, it has been a problem for the suffering masses which party to support, in Europe, this is not a problem because political parties overdo things that the people haven't even asked for to be seen as the people's allies and stay in power.

People in developed countries generally dislike voting because of this, thus many governments have tough fines for those who don't participate. For instance, I don't belong to any political party in Belgium, but I still vote in elections to choose representatives who will represent the interests of the people, since refusing to vote, would result in a fine, whereas in Ghana, many politicians just work for the survival of the party.


Evidence 3. While animals in affluent countries have ambulances, some hospitals in Ghana don't have them, and in those that do, the patient who is dying or giving birth must pay for the ambulance's fuel.

That's how Europe, America, and Africa differ from one other, but people shouldn't use this as an excuse to say that since nothing in Africa goes well, it doesn't matter what occurs. The reason a nation with resources like gold, bauxite, and cocoa still can't find its footing is because of the people's attitude, which supports and encourages corruption due to tribalism. Although it's sad, this is the situation.

Ambulances are scarce at many hospitals in Ghana, and those that have, the dying or a woman giving birth must pay for the fuel. This occurred to a pregnant woman who lost both her life and her unborn child. Yet, in developed nations, such as those in Europe, animals have access to ambulances and fully functional veterinary clinics. More importantly, while houses burn to ashes without the presence of firemen, the fire department will even risk their lives to save trapped animals.

These pieces of evidence are sufficient for suffering Ghanaians to understand that I am not fighting for any specific candidate or political party, but rather electing an intelligent leader who will benefit the nation, the people, and the next generation. As a result, people should disregard tribalism and vote wisely to improve their own lives.