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Driver's Mate dies in a gory accident

Driver's Mate dies in a gory accident
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One person has been reported dead when two trucks collided at Gomoa Dominase junction.

A Kia Rhino with registration number WR- 566 -16 carrying fertilizer and joining the highway from the Gomoa Dominase township crashed into a tipper truck with registration number GS 6823-17.

The Kia Rhino driver’s mate died instantly while two others are in critical condition and receiving treatment at the Winneba Trauma and Specialized Hospital.

The tipper truck driver is said to have absconded the scene after the accident.

Some eyewitnesses at the scene told journalists that the tipper truck was on top speed and couldn’t stop when the Kia Rhino in a reverse mode tried to join the highway, leading to the accident.

An eyewitness said the engine of the Kia Rhino earlier went off and after several attempts to start the engine, the driver tried to reverse to the highway, but the speeding truck crashed into it.

Omankrado for Gomoa Akyampim traditional council, Nana Kwao Adofrakye at the scene lamented over how drivers over speed on that stretch.

He called on the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) to increase the number of speed ramps on the Kasoa-Winneba Highway to reduce accidents in the area.