German new immigration policy

Germany German new immigration policy
DEC 5, 2022 LISTEN

How much is in the new beginning of the coalition (political parties) agreement of SPD, Greens and FDP?

Even though the coalition agreement of the three coalition political parties SPD, the Grünen and the FDP, promises a "new beginning", but in many respects, the immigration policy of the coalition parties, popularly known in Germany as "die Ampel-Partein" only continue what previous governments started.

In its coalition agreement, the German Political Parties SPD, Grünen, and FDP government have laid down a "new beginning in migration and integration policy" in order to do justice to a "modern immigration country". Previous governments had also passed various immigration laws but had always avoided a commitment to declare Germany as a country of immigration. The change in this positioning is not surprising because the CDU/CSU Political Parties, in particular, had struggled on this issue.

However, one can argue about the notion of a new beginning, in fact the coalition agreement of the three Parties SPD, the Grünen, and the FDP, (popularly known in Germany as the traffic lights Parties) continue a process of liberalization in various fields. This even applies to the right of residence, which was passed by the House of Representatives (Bundestag) on Friday.

The agreement says: A long-term tolerated person will in future be able to enjoy a special staying permit title for 18 months, in order to fulfil the requirements for a long-term residence permit title, which includes knowledge of the German language.

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg, Germany)