‘The Sound Of The Broken Wand,’ Tiki Black’s Spiritually And Soulfully Uplifting Album

Feature Article The Sound Of The Broken Wand, Tiki Blacks Spiritually And Soulfully Uplifting Album
DEC 4, 2022 LISTEN

If you ask successful musicians about their musical success, they would tell you that they play for the people, not for themselves. Even the most ambitious musicians must sometimes make difficult decisions to produce the best compositions, and that was Tiki Black's initial thought when she decided to pursue music.

Tiki Black has shown to be a prolific songwriter and vocalist, whose music is gradually penetrating the music lovers' world, especially those who embrace spiritual and motivating songs. The album is fantastic with cool melodious soul-elevating compiled tracks.

"The Sound Of The Broken Wand" has several calm collections and well-balanced melodies with profound and inspiring lyrics that emotionally capture the attention of lovers. Release Me, Colour Me Blue, and Your Way are among the songs on the album, which include "The Debt," "A Ghost Of Me," "Nobody Knows," "The Crown's Crumbs," "The Other Woman," and "The Sound Of The Broken Wand," as the title of the album.


"Tiki Black is the ideal example of what it means to be an authentic Indie performer," says one critic. A generation that needs a voice that understands their grief, joy, accomplishments, disappointments, and problems is spoken to by Black's songs.

She was raised independently from an early age due to the hardships of her Cameroonian parents' difficult family situation. Her life was always in flux as she moved back and forth between the two countries, but music offered a rare haven of steadiness.

Tiki cherished the resonance she discovered in Cameroonian musicians like Manu Dibango and Eboa Lotin, and she also let herself be enchanted by the melancholy beauty of French Chanson, which had an impact on musicians like Scott Walker, Terry Hall, and Elvis Costello.

She also immersed herself in a musical instruction book given to her by a friend when she was 14 and learned about Chopin's work after finding out there was a piano in her new school in Paris. The British city of Manchester is home to the singer, songwriter, and author.

The ten groovy and cool lyrical jazz tracks on the legendary album "The Sound Of The Broken Wand" perfectly capture the spirit of the time and will certainly find a home in the hearts of music lovers. Is this Tiki Black's finest work? I think so; she made a special piece, and the album as a whole is special.

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