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16.11.2006 Disaster

`Horror sex`

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… Is it true?
…Police denies it

The 'Ghanaian curiosity' was at its best yesterday when thousands of people from the length and breadth of the capital thronged the Kingdom Transport Station to catch a glimpse of the supposed man who had his penis stuck in the vagina of a lady while having sex.

Though people could not find anything of that sort there, most people stayed in the area for hours, discussing among themselves whether such an act could have happened or not.

Most people who spoke to this reporter said such an act is not impossible, but others argued that the two must have been cursed.

The area was rumored to be the place where the 'sex action' toke place, but officials who pleaded anonymity said “we did not see anything here”.

“I heard it on the radio and decided to come and see…but I don't really think such an act can happen”, a trader who had left his goods to see the horror act told ADM.

While some sympathized with the supposed man and woman affected, though they have not seen them, others were happy at the supposed misfortune.

“If it's true, then good. This will stop people from chasing other peoples wives and husbands”, a curious driver said.

With their mission of seeing the 'horror sex' seeming like an 'April fool', people again rumoured that the supposed “sex makers” were in police custody. People said the police were trying to cover up the two people.

In an interview with a local radio station, Chief Inspector Dompreh of the Greater Accra Police debunked the stories, saying it's not true.

Inspector Dompreh said though the police have heard the rumours of the 'horror sex', there is nothing concrete in it.

“We have checked all the places where the people are saying the two have been sent to, but they are not there…In fact if you ask this person, he would tell you someone else told me”, he said.

He said people use such false reportage to suit their own whims and caprices and also to create unnecessary tension, adding that, thieves normally have a field day at such places. He advised the general public to be careful of rumour mongers, and said the police would not condone such things if it comes to their notice.

Chief Inspector Dompreh gave an account of a story about a week ago, when it was rumoured that a man has turned into a cock at the Accra Central Market. “But when we checked up it was not correct”, he said.

Looking at the large number of people who left their jobs to witness such an act shows how and why the country is not developing. For about three 'productive' hours, people were gossiping and spreading mere rumour. Is it what Ghana needs at this time? Its time us to look for more profitable ventures, which can help mother Ghana.