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Poison often runs in the family blood

Poison often runs in the family blood
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Africans can lecture endless stories of family problems running through the blood of family members. JuJu and voodoo are not only performed in the 6 still existing witch camps in Ghana after Benin the second strongest country in the world of twilight and darkness of a clear faithful mind but all across the African continent and in many other nations. In developed countries of whites, witchcraft comes in a more sophisticated manner yet is prominent in not only simple-minded folks but even in celebrities.

The latest prominent example is located in the UK, Buckingham Palace to be precise. King Edward VIII fell in love with Ms. Wallis Simpson, a two-time divorced American citizen with no drop of royal blood running through her body. After the abduction, the former King retired to France.

When the honeymoon was over, the influence on the once-king subsided he went to Adolf Hitler and became a loyal follower of the Nazis and the Holocaust. He asked Adolf Hitler to promote him back onto the throne in the UK while Jews were killed by gas and burnt in Concentrate Camps. Adolf Hitler welcomed him with open arms but had much trouble at the East Front fighting against the Russians.

Prince Harry of Sussex fell in love with a divorced American actress with no royal blood in her venes. Used to play she took over the life of the vulnerable young Prince and tied him up with children she delivered from his sperm. Successfully as a movie director of her own life, the young Prince became her annex of her to separate himself from the impressive past of his royal family.

In an exclusive interview with a US talk show host, Oprah Winfrey was Meghan Markle assisted by the traumatized Prince able to raise outcry when referring to a question of staff members in the royal household how possibly the unborn child would turn out in color. A harmless question normal in normal mix-raced families became a running money-making machine.

Instead, to retire completely from being part of the royal family he decided to keep the title Prince of Sussex, and market his life and stories of it as a source of income. Meghan Markle does not seem to go back to her acting career or venture into any other useful business career but uses the momentum life has given her. To give up fame and wealth for a morally decent private lifestyle away from the press she presses forward and squeezes the lemon in her hand until it dries out.

In her later years aware of her status in the world society Princess Diana more and more used the press instead of the press using her. She wanted to bring across her agenda not to retire from public and enjoy a happy private life.

The new Netflix series about Meghan Markle that did not give back her royal title voluntarily nor asked Prince Harry to take a decent step will bring out more hate in and for the family. Meghan Markle knows most people watching her are very simple-minded viewers easily to be manipulated by tears and sad looks. They do not see that she only wants money, not honesty or upright information rather plays the gossiping tune for cash.

The good news is that the time will come she has told the public everything she had to share for the well of tears and self-pity to fall dry. We all will see in years to come the empty-squeezed Prince Harry in the ditch by the roadside of history.

African blood knows what is going on.