By Mike Kalley
DEC 3, 2022 LISTEN

The banter between Asiedu Nketia and Ofosu Ampofo is becoming dirty and nauseating. The battle between the duo is a clash of ego, and this was envisaged long ago by some party members who thought Chairman Ofosu Ampofo has allow former President John Mahama to hijacked the leadership of the party and positioning himself as the presumptive leader of the party.

President John Mahama has succeeded in dictating the course and direction of the party which some stalwarts thought that development would not innure to the progress of the party.

Those stalwarts had a forum at Tema last April to caution the leadership of a lame horse with clay feet. Notable amongst the stalwarts are comrades Dan Agbodakpi, Dr Ben Kumbour, Goosie Tanoh, Opoku kyeretwie, Bosiako Antwi and others. These were some of the developers of the Operating Manual of the National Democratic Congress.

The current leadership misinterpreted the admonition as a threat to their legacy, hence the attack dogs were unleashed on them to keep them abay, ever since those gallant men are in hibernation, and worse victims of the attack and insults were Dr Ben Kumbour and Mr Dan Agbodakpi.

This leadership led NDC into 2008 and 2012 election victory and disastrously led the party into 2016 and 2020 crushing defeats. After the 2016 humiliating defeat and gauging the anger of the rank and file of the party, quickly constituted Dr Kwesi Botchway's committee which eventually doused the anger, and they cunningly used that committees work to delayed the internal processes for 2020 general elections.

Meanwhile they used those periods to market themselves and gave inadequate time to other competitors, which eventually influenced the delegates to vote for them.

Unfortunately the author of the report which they have kept under lock and key, has just passed on and may his perfect soul rise to the higher heavens.

How could an opposition party allow the party in government to complete all of their internal processes before commencing its internal processes.

They allowed the reorganisation processes to drag for quite a long time to enable them sidestep some of the inner processes.

Constituencies and Regional Conferences are fora where all burning issues are discussed and compromises made, are tabled at the national Congress.

Since constituencies and regional conferences were not held, the time for the 17th December Congress would not be enough for national Congress to discuss all the motions to be able, and this would perfectly fit into their strategy.

It's surprising a political party that wants to form a government come 7th January 2025.have decided to press the destruction button.

Does it make political sense to frustrate stalwarts who wanted to empower the party base with micro businesses that may generate some revenue which would complement whatever resources issued from the party headquarters.

If potential presidential candidates decided to adopt subtle strategies to market themselves, a group decided to use Thank you tours, organising fora and donating money to support the constituencies and the regional elections and the other group thought empowering the base directly with micro businesses that may rekindle the enthusiasm at the base of the party.

It's a common knowledge the former president John Mahama wanted to lead the NDC to the 2024 presidential election and no impediment is being placed on his strategy of remarketing himself.

Other potential candidates are subjected to insults, attacks and being labelled NPP moles. It appears a candidate is being favoured over and above the others.

The action and inaction of Chairman Ofosu Ampofo and General Asiedu the elders have looked on till this boiling point. The best delegates must do is to reward them with a retirement package for rendering over seventeen years of meritorious service, and vote for someone else who would breathe a new life at the pinnacle of the party.

The function of the council of elders is advisory and they are not as resourceful as the protagonist, and it's very disturbing.

The function of the council of elders is advisory and they are not as resourceful as the protagonist, and it's very disturbing they do not have the powers to call them to order.

It's obvious another layer of power and authority is applicable in between National Congress and National Executive Committee, that body must have the powers of sanctioning any recalcitrant leaders..

Nii Armah Ashitey has diagnosed the weaknesses in the council of elders role and proposing in the event he becomes the national chairman of the party. He will ensure another layer of authority is created in between Congress and NEC..

The only way the National Democratic Congress can survive the internal onslaught on itself is to vote out those tired limbs.

Mike Kalley,

Socio-political Analyst.