03.12.2022 Letter

The NSS Boss' Brouhaha: An Open Letter To GRNMA

By Antwi Joseph
The NSS Boss' Brouhaha: An Open Letter To GRNMA
03.12.2022 LISTEN

Your persistent threat to strike over this trivial matter is not only funny but a depiction of an overpampered fraternity within the health service delivery system.

The NSS boss in this scenario is just a delusional oldman who was overly consumed by his infantile-braggart tendency which should not in any way affect the rendering of nursing/midwifery services to innocent patients and other clients across our various healthcare facilities.

Your rogue directive to government to truncate the appointment of this neurotic Ashanti regional NSS boss does not find expression in our labour architecture.

Your cacophonic prescription to see this irascible NSS boss shown the exit cannot be applicable in any serious jurisdiction which adheres strictly to labour and employment legislations.

As a concerned public health professional, I cannot afford not to subject your babyish and callow attempt to strike over this trivial altercation to strict intellectual scrutiny.

Government should be emboldened to scrap the december salaries of all nurses/midwives if they embark on this psychotic strike which grossly contravenes our labour provisions.

In a nutshell, is it now clearly evident that the GRNMA is just an overpampered fraternity! A tendency which ought to be amputated abruptly!

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana and Make Our Nation Great and Strong