Ghana vs Uruguay – A gentle strategic win for Ghana

Feature Article Ghana vs Uruguay – A gentle strategic win for Ghana
DEC 2, 2022 LISTEN

Today's game with Uruguay is crucial for us as Ghanaians and regardless of the historical strength of Uruguay, Ghana will win by fair play.

Uruguay is a good international side in any case and they must not be taken lightly. In the 2014 World Cup, Uruguay beat England 2–1. Both of Uruguay’s goals in that game came from Luis Suarez, who is one of the world’s best players. Ghana has to mark him out and make his presence in the game useless, so as not for him to make a meaningful play let alone pose a threat.

However, it depends on the strategy we want to deploy. We can use the rotating strategy to confuse the opponents. Pep Guardiola in his Bayern days used this amazing philosophy called the rotating centre back. Where Javi Martinez and Boateng keep swapping their places. For instance, coach Otto Addo can decide to suffocate the opposition in the midfield using 3–5–2 where the wing backs are extremely mobile and laborious. This is purely used when the opponent is highly unpredictable.

In the case of Mourinho, he likes to play with a double pivot in the centre of the park. With very clear instructions laid out for the two of them. Yes! We can decide to even merge strategies that will give a confusing picture in the face of our opponents. All these strategies/tactics must be rehearsed and then implemented during the actual game.

Tactics are nothing but just impressions of the person handling the team. Our boys will showcase an element of surprise and the overall ability and talent to put this into practice. Ghana is gonna win and I know our boys are well focused to bring the cup home. Go! Ghana! Go! Black Stars!

NB: I'm not a football expert.

Abdul-Razak Lukman

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