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11.11.2006 Politics

Rawlings dancing on slopes

Rawlings dancing on slopes
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Now that the 2008 presidential and parliamentary elections are approaching, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been trying to discover a trick that will allow it to gain some political traction, and thus save itself from becoming permanently irrelevant, with third time defeat.

According to NDC gurus, the party will extensively use the ex-president for the 2008 elections campaign to augment its fortune.

Fact is, the NDC has pulled out the ex-president on a number of times, and on each occasion, he had given a mere loud-mouthed performances devoid of good judgment, irking even some of the good people in the NDC top hierarchy.

From whipping up tribal sentiment and prophesying chaos and war to press conferences based on irrelevant sentiments, and from psyching up the security services against President Kufuor and the NPP administration, to painting black the achievements of the NPP since 2001. These are the tactics being adopted by the ex-president and his NDC to make the NPP unpopular, and keep both the president and party, out of focus.

Certainly, the conduct of the NDC belie a panic-stricken set-up that is clearly aware of the kind of more magical things the NPP administration will do in terms of development and progress of the nation, if voted for the third term in office, hence the dirty propaganda being employed by both the ex-president and his NDC.

The danger signs are on the wall for the NDC. Many are there pooh-poohing the ex-president's “darling boy” Professor Evans Atta Mills. And many are there who have vowed to resign from the NDC to other parties, notably the NPP and the DFP, if the ex-president continues to push things down their throat, by force. The text messages to Mr. Rawlings are clear indications of bad things to come to the party, if not the formation of the DFP.

Disappointed NDC functionaries who are coming out of the backroom into the limelight as crisis-fixers are now spoiling for a fight with the founder of the party, and are condemning him for what they describe as his interference in the affairs of the party. This has been causing many of the NDC members to think twice, and flirt with other progressive parties.

Today, in the eyes of right thinking Ghanaians, the ex-president is descending low, with phantamasgoric speed, to play with children, in the sand.

In this sand game, there are no bully-boys, thugs, death squad, commandos “other tom-tom makutis” and party goons to threaten anybody, whilst his eyes, mouth, nose, hair and dress are stuffed with sand. Rawlings cannot claim immunity because that is how the game is played, and no party goons, or thugs will help him.

Therefore, the ex-president must analyse himself well, understand the rules of the “sand game” before he ventures into it to play the sand game with children.

When King Saul failed to see the hand of God favouring David, he died a miserable death. When warrior Rustom failed to see that his time had passed, young Zohrab dealt a terrible blow to him leading to his death. And when Nnamdi Azikiwe, a top Nigerian politician, and one time President of Nigeria failed to realize that his time had passed, inspite of pieces of warning from the then young and late Dr. Chuba Okadigbo of the NPN fame, he suffered a terrible loss and disgrace at the polls, which speeded up his death.

Today, ex-president Jerry John Rawlings is in the shoes of the above-mentioned people. They all danced on the slippery slopes and reaped the consequence. And ex-president Rawlings is following their path, also dancing on the same slippery slopes.

A man must know when enough is enough and curb his inordinate ambition. Otherwise…RELEGATION!

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