Hopeson Adorye, You Have Been Taken Advantage Of And Dumped By Akufo Addo; Can You Now See Why I Don't Trust Him?

Feature Article Hopeson Adorye, You Have Been Taken Advantage Of And Dumped By Akufo Addo; Can You Now See Why I Don't Trust Him?
NOV 28, 2022 LISTEN

Hopeson Adorye's instant dismissal from the NPP's National Security was initially brought to my attention by Melodies TV. Since everyone is aware of the fact that I take my time to research videos that detail information on people, I decided against writing a featured article about this specific topic, to learn more about it thoroughly. Then, when I came across another video with the same information early this morning, I started to think Adorye's situation is real.

As far as Akufo Addo is concerned, if the letter Hopeson Adorye got confirming the termination of his appointment with immediate effect is accurate, I won't be surprised because those who carry out the president's dirty work ought to give it some thought before acting. If you value your integrity and respect yourself, you won't agree to do something that will damage your reputation, even if the president or another high-ranking official asks you to.

Akufo Addo considers himself to be untouchable and a god in the realm of his kingdom. The man is so crafty that he doesn't accept any responsibility and doesn't even care about the individuals he sends to carry out his diabolical intentions. He does all he wants and pleases with every crime that he sends people underground to perform. I was therefore aware that Hopeson Adorye would eventually experience this. I also mentioned the reason John Boadu lost his job as the NPP Chairman in one of my publications.


What has happened to Hopeson Adorye should serve as a lesson to the NPP politicians who continue to carry out the diabolical agenda of Akufo Addo because he is a man who doesn't care about anyone but only himself, which is some of the reasons he doesn't listen to anyone and has failed terribly as a president.

Every NPP politician needs to be aware that, once Akufo Addo gets what he wants, he might either use you again or abandon you. Ghanaians have witnessed it repeatedly through his words and deeds. An individual, who will ask for power by acting as though he cares, but after receiving it, turns into a chameleon, can tell volumes about who Akufo Addo truly is. The fact that Mr. Adorye should have known who Akufo Addo is and waited for such a dreadful thing to happen to him upsets me so deeply.

He won't go hungry, according to Mr. Adorye - "Yebe didi and also said that "God will take care of him." He said, "The letter is in his car and if the host of the radio program wants to read it, he will go for it," to confirm the termination of his employment. What interests me more than Mr. Adorye's words is why he was unable to foresee what may happen to him, to avoid jeopardizing his reputation in the eyes of someone like Akufo Addo.

Although it is often said, one should never judge a person by their appearance, I can see that Adorye is a wise man who served the wrong person because of politics.

To save the president's reputation, Mr. Adorye, a former member of the National Security, committed the most egregious crime in Ghanaian political history by pursuing the woman with whom the president had an affair. I'm confident that Mr. Adorye would recognize the advantages of my writings denouncing him for his behavior because, in any respectable nation, Akufo Addo would have been forced to retire and Adorye would have served time in prison.

It baffles me so much that Hopeson Adorye was still defending and guarding President Akufo Addo after the Serwaa Broni scandal destroyed his career. Adorye resorted to social media when the president was booed, stating that "the president's boos is a disgrace to Ghana and Ghanaians." Adorye risked and entered Serwaa Broni's hotel room, to gather evidence to protect the president and damaged his image. However, today, he has witnessed the devastation Akufo Addo and the party have inflicted on him.

Now Ghanaians will fully understand this writer, when I say that Akufo Addo is a man, if you support him, you'll embarrass yourself, therefore; I am not willing to offer him any support to embarrass myself. What I mean is exactly what has happened to Hopeson Adorye. I find it difficult to determine whether Mr. Adorye's numerous blunders were made to support either the NPP or the president, Akufo Addo.

The Northerners and the Ewes are the two tribes in Ghana that experience stigma and prejudice the most frequently. Such prejudice shouldn't have existed in Ghana, where Christians and Muslims coexist together, but tribalism is so pervasive that it has split the populace. So, when Hopeson Adorye asserted that "Northerners in the NPP are only fit for running mate roles and not a flag bearer," I wasn't at all pleased. However, he later denied making that assertion.

Hopeson Adorye's experience should serve as a lesson to NPP politicians, such as Ken Agyapong and Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, who continue to carry out Akufo Addo's filthy deeds. Like Hopeson Adorye, each of you will experience a shameful conclusion at the end of your life. Any educated NPP politician who respects themselves should avoid being misled, bullied, or used by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo because he doesn't care what he does since he will always get away with it and have the support of tribal bigots.