1,000 Years Of The NPP Being In Opposition, Won't Be Enough Of A Punishment For What Akufo Addo And The Party Have Done To Ghanaians

Feature Article 1,000 Years Of The NPP Being In Opposition, Won't Be Enough Of A Punishment For What Akufo Addo And The Party Have Done To Ghanaians
NOV 25, 2022 LISTEN

Ghanaians will always be treated like trash because Akufo Addo has no respect for them. Through his actions and words, the president has demonstrated on several occasions that he has no regard for Ghanaians. Akufo Addo is a cruel man without a soul, and taking the NPP government to opposition for a millennium will not even be enough punishment for the president or his party if you consider what he has done to Ghanaians.

Akufo Addo is similar to a drug addict who uses all kinds of substances to get by in society, but unlike the addict, he is a liar, corrupt, deceitful, and cunning. The president cannot manage a country and can't honestly rule Ghanaians if he continues to live that way. Ghana needs a president, which is why the nation now has one. After his first four years of incompetence and corruption, Akufo Addo should have been removed from office, but the slogan "four more years for Nana" from the tribal bigots, kept him in power.

There is a reason Ghana is said to be a peaceful nation; in addition to the peace and harmony between Christians and Muslims, Ghana tolerates extreme foolishness that may have escalated into violence in another nation. As a result, I think that Akufo Addo cherishes it to continue misusing his position and authority, by misleading the public and lying to Ghanaians because of this tolerance.


Forcing the NPP into opposition for a millennium and denying Akufo Addo's family the right to hold any political office in Ghana, are insufficient punishments for this cruel leader and they will surely go to because they can’t do anything about it.

By appointing politicians implicated in severe corruption scandals to his cabinet, Akufo Addo has not only institutionalized corruption but also formed a gang of criminals tethered to his office who frequently use the opportunity to commit armed robberies. Investigations revealed a connection between some security personnel involved in armed robbery, having links to the former Flagstaff House. These are some of the reasons I said I can't give any support to Akufo Addo to embarrass myself.

Why is everything so horrible in Ghana, and how has the NPP leadership made the country into a major issue? Like many African countries, the NPP administration in Ghana receives loans and other forms of economic help from both the World Bank and private organizations, but this assistance is merely nominal. Ghana's position has deteriorated to the point where it threatens the existence of the general populace, as well as the country's economy and currency.

It is very evident that the NPP government's blatant incompetence and ongoing corruption, which have caused numerous issues, are now primarily the responsibility of the populace. Akufo Addo was merely pleased to show his detractors that a short man could hold the office of president; regrettably, this height has led to more hardship for the average Ghanaian than any tall president. As a result, I occasionally ponder the importance of Akufo Addo being Ghana's president.

Akufo Addo began chartering expensive aircraft abroad while the nation struggled mightily with its finances. He wouldn't listen to criticism until it was quite serious before he somewhat lessened it. Despite his pledge to safeguard the public's funds, corruption in his administration substantially escalated, hurting every infrastructure, including the Ghana Harbor and Ports Authority, and deterring both domestic and foreign investment as a result.

The issue Ghana is currently facing has nothing to do with COVID or the Russia-Ukraine War; after all, the NPP government stationed a health post at the Kotoka International Airport, charging travelers $150 to be tested for the disease. More importantly, funds from other foreign countries were given to Ghana; however, a sizable portion of those funds was embezzled by the government. Akufo Addo continues to treat Ghanaians dishonestly and with disrespect to benefit himself.

Most of the president's promises haven't been kept while there is high unemployment and crime, and while there is no responsibility for the country's massive debt, corruption is rampant. Every act of incompetence committed by the NPP government ends up burdening the weak and impoverished. No one can find any projects being built despite the NPP government having cut more sods than any other government in Ghana's political history.

The vow to reduce taxes is again another falsehood from Akufo Addo that must be disregarded. He blasted Mahama, saying that because of his incompetence, Ghanaians would benefit if they gave him authority and put their trust in him. But despite being in power for six years, Akufo Addo refused to take into account the needs of the populace when they said that they were uninterested in the E-Levy. He used an ambulance to transport a sick MP in bed to facilitate its implementation.

After damaging the livelihoods of many Ghanaians when the E-Levy initially failed, Akufo Addo has not only shown himself to be a leader who disrespects Ghanaians but also to be a negligent and cruel man.

However, the fake 2023 budget claims that the government will "aggressively mobilize domestic revenue" even though there won't be any jobs for Ghanaians. That is typical of Akufo Addo, the inept president who is constantly looking for opportunities to take from the working class, who he has mistreated and continues to abandon.

Abraham Lincoln advises Akufo Addo that "You may fool some people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you can't deceive all the people all the time" because Ghana has had enough. I don't think that sending the NPP into opposition for more than a thousand years and excluding all of Akufo Addo's relatives from holding any political office in Ghana will be enough punishment for what this callous and inept president has done to Ghanaians.