U/E/R: DANSYN ISO organises digital jobs fair at Bolgatanga

By Emmanuel Akayeti || Contributor
Regional News The CEO of Dansyn ISO Daniel Yennube Nang
NOV 24, 2022 LISTEN
The CEO of Dansyn ISO Daniel Yennube Nang

Dansyn Innovation Social Organisation (Dansyn (ISO), an incubation hub based in the Upper East Region has organized a digital jobs fair in Bolgatanga, the Regional capital, under the theme “Building Resilient Web App Developers for the Job Market”.

The aim of the programme was to bring job seekers and employers together for interaction and possible connectivity.

The programme was organized by Dansyn ISO in partnership with Ghana Tech Lab and supported by the MasterCard Foundation Young Africa Works, the World Bank, and the Ministry of Communications Ghana.

The programme which was held at the Inservice Training Center in Bolgatanga brought together about 100 participants. About 30 young people were trained in the Upper East Region for this cohort in Web Application Development, 21 in incubation and the rest did an internship with organisations to build experiences and possibly get jobs with those firms or elsewhere.

The programme brought key stakeholders including a lecturer and head of the department of Bolgatanga Technical University (BTU) Mr. Richard Azunre, the CEO of Norgence Academy, Mr. Naa Bogbire Albert, CEO of Loozeele Initiatives, Mrs. Teni Agana, among others.

The CEO of Dansyn ISO, Daniel Yennube Nang, noted that the incubation hub aims at continually supporting the youth in the region with entrepreneurial and digital skills to help empower them toward job creation and poverty reduction.

A keynote address delivered by Richard Azunre, lecturer at Bolgatanga Technical University encouraged the trainees to use the skills they acquired judiciously and lift themselves out of poverty.

Mrs. Teni Agana, the CEO of Loozeele Initiative, an organization that supports young ladies in the region also challenged the trainees to look beyond their backgrounds and focus on their goals.

She emphasized the importance of digital technology in building and managing a successful business.

The CEO of Norgence Academy, an IT training organization in the region also admonished the youth to embrace the digital profession since it is the only way to succeed in this digital world. He encouraged the youth to be patient and save some money to support their startups, especially at the beginning of their businesses instead of buying expensive phones.

Cross Section Of Some Trainees At The Job FairCross Section Of Some Trainees At The Job Fair