23.11.2022 Feature Article

History is more powerful than common sense

History is more powerful than common sense
23.11.2022 LISTEN

The ruling today of the Supreme Court in Hayrod, Scotland is another reminder of how difficult it is for people to accept change, even in light of the constant change in the history of borders and political systems. It seems that the human race has not learned its lesson.

Scotland can not hold another referendum on leaving the UK. Quebec, Canada was with a similar argument about not being granted a referendum on independence from Canada. Catalonia, Spain faces the same situation, as Somaliland, Biafra in Nigeria, Kurds in Turkey, the Volta region in Ghana/Togo border area, the former situation in India that split into India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, and many more.

On the other hand, it is interesting to note that Bavaria, south of Germany, had the idea to become an independent state once more possibly a monarchy. These less powerful voices shake no German citizen but would have no objection to letting them go in case of a referendum. Much has been discussed over the years to form a North State in Germany that consists of Hamburg, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein, and Mecklenburg Vorpommern to form one state out of four. These discussions in political circles are still going on but have not been concluded or advanced. The basis for the discussion is the cost of each separate state to run its affairs, not on historic, political, social, or cultural makes the world go around and drives or forces political decisions.

As much as all these case studies show that the principles of democracy in collaboration with the right and freedom of self-governing on regional levels are hit hard by times long gone and dead yet in the spirit and hearts of people ever so present.

It is equally as clear as a crystal ball that rational arguments fall on dead ears when humans and nations do have to depart to make dreams come true and common sense takes control over political processes. History is like a used bubble gum very sticky, long-lasting, and often annoying in its consequences yet a familiar bed to rest at night.

When history comes around the corner and rings the bell of change many people wake up in the morning with a fast-beating heart all covered in sweat.