18.11.2022 Feature Article

Societies in the black hole of darkness

Societies in the black hole of darkness
18.11.2022 LISTEN

Successful countries over a long period have all the same spirit: constant invention in all aspects of society, especially the economy. When the spirit of speed in collaboration with risk-taking overcomes one of these societies a new hero to take dominion and center stage is born.

Germany a country that never had the chance to become a nation is the fourth-strongest economy in the world. Based on the political system created by Chancellor Otto von Bismark under Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm I with the mentality rooted in the German minds since the end of Napoleon Bonaparte's wars in Europe, from 1815 going, the mentality of obeying authority and staying home instead of getting actively engaged in state affairs yet was not able to destroy the spirit of the invention in German minds.

The coffee filter was invented by Ms. Melitta, the car by Mr. Benz, the strong steel by Mr. Krupp, the home electric appliances by Mr. Siemens, the backing powder by Mr. Dr. Oetker, Coca-Cola by a German Pharmacist in the USA, the Hamburger, Communism, and Fascism by Mr. Marx and Mr. Hitler, etc. Germany has except for coal mining no significant natural resources but depends entirely on export and must therefore constantly invent new long-lasting quality products and services.

America and China are countries with great innovative minds. America creates individuals who strive for personal happiness as declared in the Declaration of Independence with a high-speed and risk-taking mentality while in China this process is State sponsored and created by one market-orientated political force. With increased political power created by investing in foreign nations that offer many raw materials the neglected underdog grows from strength to strength. When the government is involved risk-taking becomes easier as risks lie on the shoulders of many, many by force.

Ghana is rich in natural resources of all kinds. Ghanaians are not tough business-minded people rather trust their natural resources will be protected and increased by the Almighty God. God is their heaven on earth for which reasons churches are many and always dancing and praying for blessings from above. When there are signs of hope to have invented something the state and society activate the mute and ignorance gear to crush the country against the wall.

Greece has no significant natural resources other nations desire to have but great history in beautiful settings under the olive trees near the most stunning coastlines. The constant sun had created a relaxed playback mentality that plunged the country into a black hole, a serious financial crisis seen not long ago.

The master of destiny, the hero of dominion is the nation, not a society, which uses the human capital of brains to think about everything in life and creates an atmosphere and systems that make speedy risk-taking a norm to succeed over others and stand tall in history much loved and admired for generations to come.