The God Of Elder Ampofo Lives And Would Guide And Guard Him Through Successfully Like He Did For Him In The Courts

Feature Article The God Of Elder Ampofo Lives And Would Guide And Guard Him Through Successfully Like He Did For Him In The Courts
NOV 17, 2022 LISTEN

I think our boss and chairman, Elder Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, has spoken well in a radio interview he granted recently. The decision to contest him is not anchored on party interest! It appears to be self motivated! To state that Elder Ampofo has suffered enough as a chairman of our great party would be an understatement, to say the least. And for him to be allowed to be challenged by no mean a person than our own General Secretary raises eyebrows.

In the view of many party supporters and stakeholders, the General Secretary appears to take advantage of Chairman Ampofo Court saga to contest him. To say that Chairman Ampofo has done well in the last elections is a gospel truth that cannot be challenged or denied, given his resolve to combine court attendance and working tirelessly for the party in the run up to the general elections in 2020. In my candid and honest view, he deserves even to have been allowed to go unopposed, not to be challenged by a general secretary who ought to have known better. But I know the God of Ampofo is not sleeping, and He is not going to let us down. Party delegates must be discerning enough not to be misled into believing that Hon Ampofo does not deserve to be retained! Elder Ampofo will undoubtedly emerge victorious, Isha Allah!

If General Secretary could not transform the NDC as General Secretary for 17years, I wonder his coming into office as Chairman could mean anything good for us as a party. There is much to believe that the General cannot get the same chance of ruling for 17years even if given the chance to lead as chairman. If 17years could not bring us the needed change we need as a party, I wonder a term or two as chairman can transform the NDC into a party we dream of. Let's say no to any attempt to derail our gains as chopped in 2020 elections.

Delegates, posterity is watching you keenly as you brace yourselves towards December 17 when you will cast your votes to determine the next crop of leaders to lead us into victory 2024. I humbly and modestly appeal to you to vote wisely by voting for Chairman Elder Ampofo as our national chairman, of the great NDC.