16.11.2022 Feature Article

A quick note to Issa Ouedraogo - on exposing Moringa's egregious corporate-criminality

A quick note to Issa Ouedraogo - on exposing Moringa's egregious corporate-criminality
16.11.2022 LISTEN

Good morning, kindred-spirit. Another day, and yet another opportunity to make a difference. It shall be well, in the fullness of time. Onyame entis3, Alata ni,oooo, wai, Massa.

Today, let's focus on getting both your delivered-speeches ready, by mid-day, wai, Massa.

The idea is to use both events, as opportunities empowering you to advocate for Ghanaian farming to transition to ESG-bedrocked 100% organic farming - for you, a demonstrably easily achievable on-the-ground practical-goal: if your unique, profitable and highly succesful social-impact B-BOVID Farms Ltd's profit-sharing agrisector business model is replicated nationwide.

The radical thing to do, in terms of using both events to expose Moringa and their super-expensive-to-acquire Danduruwaka-lawyers, is simply to incorporate your email response to Nanai Ace Ankomah's email to the chairperson of the Ghana Arbitration Centre panel constituted to hear the matter, as the evidential-summation of the systemic-challenges you are currently grappling with fighting the racist greenwashing-carpetbaggers from France - who are here to engage in money-laundering, using earmarked agroforestry funds for Africa, to cloak their mammoth-sized money-laundering scheme.

Make the point, forcefully, that it is an allegation you intend to prove in the law courts, backed by gathered-incontrovertible-evidence of Moringa's egregious corporate-criminalty - and that you will do the exposure of Moringa's corporate-skullduggery, not before an arbitration panel that does not consider such corporate-criminalty: but in the appropriate fora for adjudicating issues of corporate criminality, in our system: the law courts.

Ditto that you are doing so because they are important food security issues which the authorities in Ghana must ensure never occur again - if your proven and highly successful climate-smart agrisector social-impact business model, is to flourish: as a private sector well-funded, truly-transformational and fit-for-purpose 100% ESG-underpinned climate-resilient green economic-pillar, creating wealth that remains locally, and generating fulfilling-jobs galore, across a renewed and prosperous rural Ghana, full of happy active-citizens, contributing their quota to the all-important nation-building task we all face in a turbulent world in transition. Cool.