14.11.2022 Feature Article

Poverty is a touch teacher-Richness a law school

Poverty is a touch teacher-Richness a law school
14.11.2022 LISTEN

In Africa schooling is seen as a way out of poverty and a privilege. In Germany, many pupils and students have something society had done to them to get them out of bed in the morning.

Before in Africa, a child leaves for school in the village it had fulfilled its housework like fetching water from a nearby lake. Long walks make them reach the classroom with 40-50 exciting loud chatting children. Equipped with poor classroom furniture, poorly trained teachers worked with simple books in the heat of the days while wild animals small and large disturb their learning process.

In Germany, classrooms are equipped with an internet-connected smart board, and each child hides their smartphone under the desk with water bottles on the desk. Teachers are highly trained not only by the university but by the rules and regulations put on their shoulders.

German schools are filled with foreign students with their own life experiences, Ukraine refugees, children with mental disorders, and most of all unmotivated students knowing we live in times of labor shortage. Any marks they leave school with after 9, 10, 12, or 13 years they will find a job or fall safely into the social security networks of Hartz IV and Citizens Money.

Parents and students elect each year a council interfering with the teaching process. Multi-ethnicity in the classroom means religious remarks by the teacher are a no-go. Same-sex marriage has been promoted in the pupil and student freedom of expression and attitude about their own or other pupils' sexual orientation.

Boys and Girls alike during the puberty period look often for orientation of where they would eventually end up in life. A teacher is seen by them as an authority that can be used as a guiding line. As much as students know their legal rights by the letter reminding teachers of words or actions not allowed to be used in the classroom, they push for clarification of their sexual orientation by secretly yet obviously advances to the teachers - from boys and girls. A wedding ring is an indication for them but not a border.

Besides the teachings of subjects,' the behavior of pupils and students is a daily challenge in the classroom to cope with. Teaching in all societies is never paid well so in Germany. Happiness at the workplace is never by money alone but by the conditions of employment. Teacher trainees face the reality of teaching doubt more than before whether this will be lifetime employment for them.

Poverty education like in Ghana can push the society above developed countries when the right minimum standards are provided and in place.