Who Said Democracy Was Easy!!

Feature Article Who Said Democracy Was Easy!!
NOV 11, 2022 LISTEN

It takes a lot of administrative work to

- sit down and plan the information of peoples names and addresses and ID, as well as those aspiring for political office and add the PROPOSITIONS or changes that have been approved by signatures that we all need to vote on,

- mail Ballots out to voters,

- set up mail Drop Boxes, per district and per town, then

- information passed through the media reminding the people (as well as Private MEDIA advertisement),

- have security and SIGNS around voting areas (the Library, City Hall, set locations),

And Allow the process to work for individuals to express their likes and sentiments in a FREE society!

Remember the old Colonial days of a Chief ruling and managing a town with his own police service is long gone! However our current Democracy is defective! You do not expect one elected President to have eyes and intelligence everywhere to ensure fairness and equity and ensure every gutter is sealed and every sewer becomes underground sewage one day. No! This is the job of the local people!!

Please note:


- No Jesus Christ, no Muhammad, and no Muammar Khaddafy to provide free lunch and free education and free health care! No!

In the American Democracy in California, where this writer has lived most of the last 54 years, if you want Free Lunch you collect 200,000 signatures and submit to the Electoral Office or Attorney General and when verified, the PROPOSITION is put on the ballot for the people to VOTE on in November that “the people should have Free Lunch”! YES__ or NO__

This is what I have been debating some younger friends about.


Our lives as a people in society is provided by the collective will and taxes of parents and those ahead of us and we have the obligation to add to it. However, for God’s sake let’s select people and pay them to do the Math and tell us how much taxes everybody has to pay, then vote on it and implement it using paid offices and officials who can do the work!!

Those elected officials who go to Parliament to make deals and build on their businesses are a disservice to our nation and should be sacked and returned home! The Ministers who have not been able to implement a street address system and relying on digital addressing are simply lazy and should be ashamed!

Our Ghana Democracy of just voting for a President who has powers to appoint more than 3,000 officials around the nation is NOT how a true Democracy works! No! It is a totally lazy and unfinished job started 30 years ago by a reluctant military Coup-maker Jerry Rawlings, who had become drunk on Power and did not even want any towns and metro areas to elect their own leaders!

Ghana is far more mature today to get rid of that sham Democracy and allow Regions and Districts and towns to think of their own survival. We have to raise money through property, Business and personal tabulations and databases and learn to estimate the maths of survival through taxation!


There are some who advocate for free education and free food and free health care for all. Some are even against rich folks making too much money. However what people don’t realize is that Ghana cannot live on Loans! The Bible states clearly

“The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender”. (Proverbs 22:7)

Again let us remember that God did not make some people rich and some poor! No! The Bible again tells us:

“In all labor there is profit, but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury (poverty, ohia)”. (Proverbs 14:23).

Again we all know from our culture that nobody blows hot food for somebody else to come and eat! “Obi Nhuhu ma Obi Nkeka”. No!

So let us learn to do the Math and stop borrowing so some can steal the money!

Some of us trained in America feel ashamed of how Ken Ofori Atta, a Yale trained man, is managing the Ghanaian economy. We are expecting Ken Ofori Atta to resign and after that Nana Akufo Addo also to resign! They have been a major disappointment!

Let us all open our eyes and ears and learn how Democracy works and cut out the corruption and greed!!

Long live Ghana!

Kwaku A. Danso, PhD., Intn’l President- Ghana Leadership Union (GLU).

Livermore, California & East Legon, Accra.