Cyber Safety Expert advocates internet safety education for students in Nigeria

By Rotimi Onadipe ll Contributor
Nigeria Cyber Safety Expert advocates internet safety education for students in Nigeria
NOV 9, 2022 LISTEN

The Executive Director of Onadipe Technologies and Founder of Internet Safety Magazine, Mr. Rotimi Onadipe has said the introduction of cyber safety education as a subject in primary and secondary schools in Nigeria will help to reduce cyber crimes and internet abuse in the society.

Mr. Onadipe stated this in Ibadan on November 5th, 2022 during a weekly program initiated by his non-profit organisation to inform, guide and educate the public about how to avoid online dangers of today's digital age e.g. social media addiction, online gaming addiction, pornography addiction, cyber-sex addiction, cyber bullying, online scams, among others.

The cyber safety advocate noted that most young children of today's society can operate any smartphone and visit any site without anyone teaching them how to do so. He added that this poses a lot of dangers to our society if these young children do not have sufficient information about cyber safety.

He said: "We must be informed that internet safety education is the only weapon that can help us to win the war against cyber crimes and internet abuse, which are now prevalent among youths, including young children and toddlers."

"The time has come for our country to make cyber safety education mandatory in our schools. I can assure you that if our young children are given cyber safety education from thier early age, they will have sufficient information they need to avoid any danger associated with internet or smartphone usage. They need cyber safety education right from their nursery school to primary and secondary school," he added.

Onadipe stressed that cyber crimes and internet abuse are very rampant among youths and young children. He explained that his organisation prioritises cyber safety education for all citizens because awareness and education are the keys to preventing cyber crimes and online abuse in our society.

Onadipe urged members of the public and other stakeholders to support the introduction of cyber safety education for students in Nigeria.