The reality of existence

By DC Kwame Kwakye
Opinion The reality of existence
NOV 9, 2022 LISTEN

In life many desire and strive to build huge material empires with small or no spiritual cottage. Even if they are to pursue any form of spirituality, it is to foster the desire to build this material empire and not for the purpose of SELF or SOUL liberation.

Indeed, most people think that the more one is endowed materially, the more that person is blessed beyond measure. Is that the case?

The question is how long can one possess this material body to enjoy the so called material acquisitions which occupy all our time on our earthly sojourn? We can only possess our physical bodies at most, actively, for ten decades.

Yet, we do everything possible to secure and protect a life which is predestined to fade out no matter what our level of civilization and inventions may be. This is due to the ephemeral state of our body composition. Thus, “matter” within which is contained the spirit “atom” which is eternal.

So, why don't we focus our attention more on developing that which is eternal, omnipresent, not destructible, doesn't expire even at the expiration of our physical body or matter? That which we can carry along after we've long left the earthly plane.

It is proven beyond all reasonable and possible doubt that this our physical life is ephemeral and so short that no matter what our happiness and wealth are and or sufferings and difficulties may be, it will all, without doubt, vanish into nothingness at the dissipation of our physical or material life.

This sometimes makes me sit back to think and wonder how intense is the grip of illusive material pleasure (maya) on the consciousness of humanity to enslave us to the delusion of gross material pleasure to the extent that we are so powerless to liberate ourselves from the shackle of its enslavement.

"I have observed and come to know over 20 years of my journey on the spiritual path that eight out of ten seekers you meet are on the path to seek spiritual energy to further be enslaved to gross material pleasure. This is the effect of gross ignorance (Mensah, 2022)". Only two out of the ten are really seeking for energy to liberate themselves from the bondage and shackles of gross material pleasure. For it is these two that really understand the true meaning and essence of existence.

Being conscious of a higher awareness of existence beyond this transitional physical awareness of the existence and being connected to this awareness is the only awakening to the truth. This is THE WAY we need to NETWORK our existence so as we will be liberated from gross material pleasure and enslavement to sensual gratification.