08.11.2022 Feature Article

Free worldwide/Countrywide Internet is Feasible and will Boost Every Sector

Free worldwideCountrywide Internet is Feasible and will Boost Every Sector
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The Word 'free' is very scary to many capitalists or study how free health care, or even paid and more affordable Obamacare was fought against. Free Internet may actually improve our health than Obamacare, but even Obama may insist We need to over charge Africa and others to finance NSA monitoring? The primary thing that facilitates Internet is Air, which is free. The man made Internet materials can be covered through advertisement than taxes. Regulations can still give Internet businesses the opportunity to compete, but with caps like no more than fifteen percent profit or compensation. Africa and other poor countries must study and present the idea at UN level and use social media to influence ordinary caring westerners, who will in turn pressure their politicians. Although all sectors will be helped, the argument should focus more on Education, security, and Climate change advantages. Where we cannot agree on worldwide , we must demand 'unlimited' package for Africa or per country, if AU is slow.

Like individuals had to evolve from paying for every megabyte to unlimited data package, it is over due for countries to have unlimited data package options and this will likely boost free or reasonable Internet access in Africa. Some of you may not know, but Internet service providers (ISP) pay different amount every month and mainly to the u.s. Do you deserve unlimited data package but not your providers? Using small poor Gambia as example, if the average monthly payment of all ISPs in the Gambia is about one million dollar a month or a year, plus the General licence fee of mobile telephone service providers happens to be one million dollar per year in the Gambia. This may translate to paying the u.s government than Gambia government for using Gambian and international air? We will need smart negotiators for Africa or Gambia, or they may over charge based on excuses. Once a reasonable amount is set based on average for the past few years, population, etc, then we must argue the data transfer energy cost will less likely change, because air is light...

If the Gambia government or ISPs are paying one million dollars a year for unlimited data transfer, the global Internet advertising can pick up the rest of any cost. So charge international advertising, instead of countries. Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc are claiming to be offering us services, but they are also making money off of us and not paying enough taxes here, if any. This will make it lot easier for Internet service providers to offer unlimited data packages, especially where the government is not smart enough to make it free. Every minute you see western advertisement while in Africa, know that the data transfer cost was still paid for by you and I, plus our possible business. When NSA paid their employees, they charge us through data transfer indirectly...

Beside Feasibility, the advantages far surpasses the so called disadvantages of charging people. Education will boost by what value when Internet is 100% accessible, fast, and free? Inventions will go up around the world, because there is no university library that is bigger than the Internet. You can argue some useless Africans+ will just gossip lot more or share bragging pictures more, but the truth is millions will utilise the Internet more fruitfully. More Internet based universities will emerge to engage the youths towards productivity, away from crimes, and more secure planet. This Marijuana Activist cares about world security than world politicians and anti cannabis folks?

Security: free countrywide or worldwide Internet access will immensely boost security. Recently, while talking to my baby sister in the u.s, she ridiculed my 'culture of cameras ' idea, as something not yet for Africa. Her argument was 'where can we use 'I-cloud' and others to store data? She was wrong in the sense that multiple storage options exist for cameras, but she was very right In thinking Internet storage cannot be stolen by street robbers, compare to hard disks, sd cards, etc. Beside deterrence, If they steal the big ones, your neighbours' cameras can get them or the small camera you hid where they least expect can get them. The world will lie that they care about women, but if the Gambian or xyz woman was given free Internet to learn or gossip, but urged to buy body Cameras that will have local storage and other Internet based storage, how much safer will she be? Our leaders have the options of indifferently asking our citizens to pay I-cloud and others, negotiate for us, or start a new storage mechanism for Africa or with cheaper China? It is no more than series of huge hard disks and organised programming through IP addresses. There are many African tech firms that can come up with it and I recommend every camera be linked to at least two online storage points, preferably country level and continent or world level.

Climate change is largely driven by human movement in Africa. The more we reduce human vehicle transportation, we reduce pollution, use time more efficiently, and improve the climate. With Every person and department having free Internet, we can finally start or improve long distance transactions, but corrupt officials will ask how can we get bribes or deny s/he never applied ? To travel from Brikama to Banjul may cost you about one dollar , one way. One hour or how much more if traffic is bad, pollution, possible accident, etc and sometimes just to transact five to thirty minutes business that could have been through long distance communication, or Internet in particular. If you care about our globe, know what unlimited global Internet can bring, then you must study and push for its realisation. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note:

Regulation Is key, especially if it is countrywide instead of worldwide. Africa must smartly buy and have negotiation skills. They will tell you one Antenna is worth million dollars and you buy it without asking if it is truly worth it, or what part of the Antenna can you make in the Gambia or team up with Ghana or Nigeria to build it and reduce cost? If you buy ten Antennas , at least two should be dismantled and studied for possible creation or deeper understanding of at least some parts. The storm that downed some Antennas were perfect for studies, but I saw some on the side road for months, without trying to sell or give them to AU research center, Senegal , or south Africa if they have more research interests. Contracts, contracts, contracts: if both u.s and China wants to sell you Antenna for million dollars, they will argue you will regain the money in five years. It is your responsibility to test smartly: you are selling me a four G Antenna for million dollars, we must state how much you will buy back the Antenna if five G or Six G comes within one to five years. The rate if I switch manufacturer matters. Like Airlines lease Air crafts, Internet equipment should consider leasing culture, especially between countries. With even ten African countries smartly educating each other and reasonably demanding dues, the competing companies will comply.

Like international companies who make materials will be paid through service and agreed universal standards of checking value, the national providers will be paid by service, or number of customers. The Air belongs to the Gambia, so regulating have to remove some negotiation rooms. So if Qcell (company A) calls Africel (company B), a fixed percentage will be deducted between carriers. Roaming rate will be regulated, at the national level and nothing like no service... Their customer service and ratings like how quickly they fix Antenna problems will determine how much government pay them like new teachers, police, and xyz of our age...

There is Rumours that Ghaddafi was killed for helping Africa reduce how much they pay to the west for Internet transfer fees, but we must not fear. The cost is down compare to decades ago, but Africa is still robbed on Internet fees by the west, and African companies further Rob Africans on Internet cost.

Once we agree that the Internet may be the smartest subsidy a developing country or world can make, then only a feasible how matters. For a small country like the Gambia, it becomes easier. Forget the possible corruption through buying everything from the West or China. Like covid vaccines, we can share knowledge and mass manufacture any internet needed material. We can fiber wire the whole Gambia for home and office faster Internet, it will be much more efficient than customer to customer wiring. Train enough people for repairs and educate customers on some repairs. Then mobile Telephone oriented Internet service providers can be like backup, using free Gambian air and unlimited negotiated rate. No computer server will explode if we buy the right ones and have fans for them. No International Internet wire will explode because traffic doubles or triples. Why should we pay u.s or anyone due to more air traffic? NSA disks and staff?

Like Countries negotiate how much to pay at U.N level, we can argue how free Internet can reduce the number of Immigrants and how much will richer countries sacrifice to reduce that and have more Internet educated immigrants where need be? So as a country develops, every ten years, we can review how much should each country pay towards global Internet than Global Dollar as reserve... Elon Musk paying in Ukraine war for Internet helps, but imagine if this Global Internet access was more guaranteed? It may make invasion unthinkable, especially where culture of cameras is strong and connected to the Internet. I will recommend every country to have storage mechanism of cameras, but allow citizens to use international ones too.

Optional Note 2:

Every country must study how well its citizens are utilising or under utilising the Internet, and try to have messages and programs to optimize benefits. How many hours average citizen spends on the Internet and within those hours, what percentage is leaning on learning versus working versus fun. Africa notoriously built cultures around fun, fun, fun and ignore the importance of learning and working. Many will point to small aspects of learning in a fun leaning culture and call it learning? We need learning and enough learning to rise, we also have to have strong work ethics or character than we brag about no homosexuality...

A country like the Gambia can have messaging like: The God of Earth and life after death command iqra (learning) to uplift yourself in both worlds, but misleading religious leaders may down play learning for earthly uplifting and brag when God give them a fraction of what Atheists or Christians have in material blessings? Do you spend how much time sending questionable religious messages versus trying to help yourself and others? If Atheists or xyz facilitate your sent message then they deserve how much from your real or illusory dues? They get some on earth and you blame others who respected or respecting learning and working in Repentance? If an Atheist plant hundred trees through Iqra (learning) and as secular guardian of the earth, a Muslim or xyz claims admitting or saying 'God is great' one thousand times will cause an angel to plant a tree in heaven for him/her and may be reckless on sins between creatures; then may I plant thousand trees and praising God while planting them...

They subsidise fertiliser but hemp and other Internet learning can give you free fertiliser; they subsidise fuel, but free Internet means less need to physically travel and learning for alternative; they tax you to pay more corrupt police and soldiers, but can free Internet help good police and improve security? They order killer medicines, but I learn about helpful herbs through Internet and personal research ...

More physical activity help us on earth. Although you can learn many of that on the Internet, the time you spend on the Internet is largely a compromise on health , especially if it is more than four hours a day... If it happens to be your work, then learn yoga, have enough breaks, and do something physical outside or with the Internet after work. Internet music can keep you dancing, but did you have enough sunlight? In a nutshell, I know some people may abuse paid or free Internet, but we cannot use potential abusers to deny responsible folks opportunities. The richer countries evolved to unlimited data and indifferently charge poorer countries with no reasonable unlimited data package per country, as option? The richer folks in a poorer country also evolving to unlimited data packages, but who will urge for the poor in and beyond your country? If Ghana, Rwanda, or Nigeria argues and have it, then Gambians may wake up? It was forbidden to teach slaves to read, so the worst of westerners may fool good ones and argue against free Internet for learning +. Pray and work towards unlimited free or very affordable Internet for self, country, continent, or world.