A coup in Ghana is mandated by God but refused by humans

Feature Article A coup in Ghana is mandated by God but refused by humans
NOV 7, 2022 LISTEN

The President of Ghana, Nana Akuffo-Addo had sworn an oath of office to protect the public purse and his people. To ensure that the financial crisis does not collapse the economy completely he and his Finance Minister decided to convert the savings of people into bonds unprecedented in modern days. On top refused to pay back the money several times this year 2022 from January going.

These actions were undertaken without the consent of the money owners, the people. Therefore it is a lawless act unless...a law had been created by Parliament to allow the change of savings into bonds. Only a majority in Parliament can do such acts for which they are equally responsible to assist the President to break his oath of office. If no law was the basis for the decision taken by the Cousin of the President it can be seen as stealing from the people.

Stealing by definition means taking something away from a person with no intention to give it ever back or knowing to be unable to ever do so. The constant delay in 2022 to repay the savings is an indication of this effect. The current state of the economy makes it more unlikely these savings will be paid back in a reasonably short period.

JD Mahama is seen as lesser problematic than the current evil even known to be corrupt himself. Instead of asking God to bring in the best solution for the nation, they cry to a less harmful butcher to slaughter them gently.

When 2024 JD Mahama should sit in Flagstaff House will he take the current President and his Ministers to the Court including all NPP MPs being equally responsible for the money stolen from the people and how would he be able to pay it back while the nation is in crisis? Would any new President find judges not to be biased but to deliver on the mandate given to them? The answer most certainly is a clear NO, will not happen.

These thoughts must run through the minds of the responsible Army men that have the nation, not their ranks at heart. It seems more obvious each day they are trapped in party politics and loyalty to the politicians they had promoted them into their positions, the financial dependency of the nation on the white man and what he would say but most of all have no plan for a better future for the country. The clever Military officers will realize a new set of rulers is needed working in a new legal framework.

God is ready to help Ghana but his people refuse to listen to him.