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Ghana Gas Company has given Ellembelle DCE GHC8m, financed his 2020 campaign so he must be careful — Owusu Bempah

By Jonathan Kulu || Contributor
Kwasi Bonzoh, Ellembelle District Chief Executive DCEKwasi Bonzoh, Ellembelle District Chief Executive (DCE)
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Mr. Ernest Owusu-Bempah Bonsu, the Head of Corporate Communications for Ghana National Gas Company (GNPC), has descended heavily on Ellembelle District Chief Executive (DCE), Kwasi Bonzoh for allowing his teeming NPP supporters to attack Dr. Ben Asante, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Ghana National Gas Company.

It will be recalled that on Sunday, October 30, 2022 some NPP polling station executives and party Communicators staged a demonstration for the dismissal of Dr. Ben Asante, the Ghana Gas Company CEO at Atuabo in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region.

Speaking to the newsmen in the area, a member of Ellembelle NPP Constituency Communications Team and a diehard supporter of Ellembelle DCE, Yannick Akrowie claimed that Dr. Ben Asante has refused to employ some party members into Ghana Gas Company.

He took the opportunity to call on President Akufo-Addo to sack Dr. Ben Asante as Ghana National Gas Company CEO.

Some angry party members who spoke to the media claimed that in 2020 general elections, Dr. Ben Asante sponsored 'skirt and blouse' voting against Kwasi Bonzoh, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate who lost.

They added that Dr. Ben Asante and Ghana Gas Company have done nothing in Ellembelle District.

But speaking on Nzema FM at Axim after the demonstration, Ernest Owusu-Bempah disclosed that the CEO of Ghana Gas Company, Dr. Ben Asante has since 2017 given Ellembelle DCE Kwasi Bonzoh eight million Ghana Cedis (GHC8 = 8 billion old Ghana Cedis).

"What are they talking about, just recently Ellembelle NPP Constituency Secretary came to Dr Ben Asante office and presented to him 45 people who want to do their national service at Ghana Gas Company and Dr. Ben Asante has accepted it and he is working on the list. Ghana Gas Company has given 40 percent scholarship packages to Nzema students so what are these Kwasi Bonzoh supporters talking about in Ellembelle District, they should give us a break", he said.

"Kwasi Bonzoh is my witness, since 2017, Dr. Ben Asante has given him GHC8 million, I led he Kwasi Bonzoh to the office of Dr. Ben Asante so what is Kwasi Bonzoh saying. I'm daring him to come to deny it. I'm saying it on record that I Owusu Bempah led Kwasi Bonzoh to my boss's office. Dr. Ben Asante signed 8 million Ghana Cedis to Kwasi Bonzoh at his office. I can't lie against Kwasi Bonzoh because Kwasi Bonzoh is my brother and we were trained by Freddie Blay in opposition," he added.

He also revealed that Dr. Ben Asante had given some money to the Ellembelle DCE, Kwasi Bonzoh to go abroad to do an educational program.

"Kwasi Bonzoh should come out to deny it. We have given a lot of money to Kwasi Bonzoh to go to abroad to do an educational program and Dr. Ben Asante did that for him and I don't want to talk more about it. Dr. Ben Asante financed the business expo he did in Ellembelle District", he said.

He, therefore, took the opportunity to debunk claims that Dr. Ben Asante sponsored some NPP members in Ellembelle Constituency to do 'skirt and blouse' voting against Kwasi Bonzoh in 2020.

"It is most ridiculous, Dr. Ben Asante personally made sure that financially he Kwasi Bonzoh would get more money to do his campaign and Dr. Ben Asante did that in 2020 for him so it is not true that Dr. Ben Asante campaigned against Kwasi Bonzoh in 2020", he stated.

He added, "we will not sit down and allow them to lie against Dr. Ben Asante and if they dare me I will disclose all the campaign materials Dr. Ben Asante gave to Kwasi Bonzoh in 2020 to do his campaign".

Angry Ernest Owusu-Bempah who is also a Deputy National Communications Director of NPP warned Ellembelle DCE, Kwasi Bonzoh to call his boys to order else he would expose him more.

"Recently, Kwasi Bonzoh and his Ellembelle NPP Constituency Chairman came to Dr. Ben Asante house, this time around not in his office but in his house to seek for help so what are they saying, Kwasi Bonzoh should be careful".

He seized the opportunity to call for calm in the constituency and urged the supporters of Kwasi Bonzoh to respect the leadership of the party.