Akufo Addo's Economic Mess: Not Too Old to Admit Failure, Not Too Late to Resign

Feature Article Akufo Addo's Economic Mess: Not Too Old to Admit Failure, Not Too Late to Resign
NOV 2, 2022 LISTEN

It was Thomas Jefferson who said in one of his letters, that in matters of religion the slogan of civil government should be reversed and we should rather say, "divided we stand, united we fall".

Despite the backhanded compliments manufactured over the years by President Akufo Addo to dress his cousin in a borrowed robes as a good finance minister, the humongous public outcry that greeted him after his last address indicated that no amount of Twi can salvage them any more.

The Asantes are no longer going to place their thumbs on autopilot over the glaring incompetence of President Akufo Addo and his family and friends Kleptocratic government.

In fact, speaking a certain local language while addressing the whole nation that is comprising of numerous linguistic differences, was not only divisive and exposing of those responsible for the current mess, it was an embarrassment to that group of people.

But you see, perhaps, Ghanaians may have to adopt the strategy “domestic animals” used to defeat "wild animals", a folklore that has been told and transmitted to us by generations.

In this fictitious story, all the domestic animals including goats, sheep, cattle, and chickens, decided to accept the challenge thrown by wild animals who declared war on them (domestic animals). The Lion King was made to step aside for the elephant to lead.

The reason for this usurpation of the title of the Lion King as the leader of the jungle was that, the elephant is the biggest and largest in size that everyone, including the enemies, could see him from afar.

Nobody reminded them that, in many at times, size is completely useless and only serves as stampede to progress. And that, the Lion King may not be bulky compared to the elephant, his courage, resilience, and competence at hunting is what was needed in the war.

On their part, the domestic animals chose the Cock as their commander and leader of the war. Their argument was also simply that, the wild beasts had among them most talented hunters and that gives them some level of cutting-edge over them having been domesticated. Hence, to win the war, they needed element of surprise that could create panic and terror in the hearts of the enemy.

This was to discourage the wild animals from fighting so that they could win a quick victory before they could figure out. With the "comb" on the head of the Cock, it was decided to make him the leader!

As the two armies were approaching each other from afar, the wild animals saw the comb of the Cock and thought it was fire the domestic animals set on the head of their leader to demonstrate the power of their magic.

Out of arrogance and haughtiness, the wild animals thought if there's any group that must show such level of courage it must be them. So, they asked the elephant to lie down so that they set fire on him as well.

After all, the elephant has the toughest skin. And to prove their point further, they set a gigantic fire on the back of their leader the elephant!

Immediately after taking few steps forward in severe pains with his skin burning, "King" elephant shook off the fire on his warriors and bolted away, heaping dung all over.

And that was how the domestic animals won the battle.

Fellow Ghanaians, it is obvious that unless God’s intervention, Akufo Addo and his seemingly accursed government has no intention of going away anytime soon having found peace and serenity in corruption.

The size of the NPP's elephant has brought it a job it can't accomplish, yet the mere title it enjoys alone is so sweet that the elephant isn't ready to go away.

Ideally, size doesn't really matter in many situations, including economic management. Especially if majority of your "men" are thieves, you certainly will embarrass yourself.

Was it not interesting that the president attempted to outline measures to curb this mess without mentioning retrieving of stolen money from proceeds of corruption? In fact, the word “corruption” was barely mentioned throughout the entire address.

Every yet unborn child in Ghana knows the level corruption under this government has been the chief cause of this mess. The use of "drugs" without sickness, is what caused this. Imprudent borrowing which has been siphoned off through dubious projects.

Yet, His Excellency called on Ghanaians to stay with government for “we are all in this together”.

Fellow Ghanaians, like Thomas Jefferson observed, not only in matters of religion we must revise and reverse this maxim of civil government; in times of economic mess caused by irresponsible leadership, let nobody be beguiled and bamboozled into uniting and standing together with this same political bandits.

Personally, I was crying in Fante when the President said that "they have done it before and they would do it again" in respect of the Ghanaian economic management.

Today, every Ghanaian, sick or dying, knows that aside the economic painkillers like Expansionary fiscal policy the government carelessly adopted against all wise counsel by sane minds, Ghana was under the IMF Program initiated by the previous NDC administration.

Yes, the same IMF Ken Ofori Atta mocked when he said we are a proud nation and of dignity. The so-called economic prosperity trumpeted by the Finance minister, came about as a result of the last IMF Program the previous government under President Mahama initiated.

For me, that statement "we are a proud nation" which he was later forced to eat back his words like the one who spits in the air and collects his own spittle with his face, that statement had exposed the government and the Finance minister in particular, that he had zero understanding of what was going on in the Ghanaian economy!

He probably thought his lengthy speeches in parliament was what brought that economic growth.

It also exposed how fraudulent the finance has been if he really knew the state of the economy in 2017, 2018, and 2019 was due to prudent management by the Mahama-administration which accepted IMF program.

And either of these two, incompetence or fraud, is enough to trigger his removal.

It therefore pains in the butts, that in the midst of this economic mess and hullabaloo, what concerns the president the most is next election, and keeping his cousin at post.

Well, it's rumored that the president was preparing him to lead the NPP into the 2024 general polls.

Our elders say a fool doesn't have the ability to decode a stare meant for "no", unless a powerful knock on his head.

.Both uncle and nephew do not have an idea that they are declared persona-non-grata as far Ghana's economic management is concerned.

Again, it has been murmured that the president increased the salaries of the Ghana Armed Forces by 70% as a form of keeping them at the Barracks and discouraging them from meddling in the current republican status due to the unpardonable economic mess. His goal is to use them to rig the 2024 election for his cousin, Ken Ofori Atta.

As for the armed forces, their duty is certainly to protect the Republic of Ghana and by making sure that, the only "coup d'etat" they can ever carry out that would be of benefit to Ghana, is to make sure that a failed and criminal government like that of the Akufo Addo government doesn't use them to further their own nest. The armed forces must protect the interest of Ghana and not the parochial and maniacal ambition of any political-cum-legal charlatan.

It's indeed flabbergasting and leaves marks of phantasmagoria in the minds of many political kingmakers of Ghana as to why with this quantum of mess, President Akufo Addo still wants to lead the country?

Well, again, it is murmured that political fortune tellers and doomsday prophets alike are predicting the final collapse and destruction into smithereens of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) due to their magic victory in the 2020 general elections.

In order to keep afloat politically, they want to stay in power at all cost since losing in 2024 shall mean that their journey of no return back to power, shall be sealed.

While it's okay for anybody to take a pinch of salt about this rumor, there's no smoke without fire. And this probably explains why at a time Ghanaians need the President the most to step-down as a gesture of humanitarianism, he keeps churning out what can only be described as nonsense!

Somebody must remind the President what our elders say, that "if God does not create you a shoe owner and you buy one, it is dogs that take them".

God probably didn't create President Akufo Addo a President, and he "sacrificed" his way to political power with blood of innocent souls.

He shall forever carry his own chair for travels!

But it's not too late to resign, he must not feel too old to own up his mess. Let him resign!