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26.02.2006 Feature Article

Adding Insults to Injuries: My little thanks to opponents of ROPAB

Adding Insults to Injuries: My little thanks to opponents of ROPAB
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... thank you Bro Atta, Shirlley Aryittey, Ofori Ampofo and kind

I am not one of the good guys who do write lengthy stuff, and honestly do want to keep this piece short, if I could. Some of us left “Sika krom” or “Ogya krom” to seek greener pastures. In the process, we realized, we had to secure our base by seeking the legal documents, not to boast but just to gain some comfort so as to be able to provide for ourselves, and the rest of the family back home. Some went ahead to seek citizenship because that is the only way to peacefully get their new found spouses to survive, without licking the painful butt of strangers who would otherwise help you get it. It was not our intention to dessert our motherland, and never has been because we always look back to invest, and help family members and friends back home. It is no surprise that we sometime do receive calls early in the morning from a long time friend who just got your phone number, requesting for $5000.00 to marry or work out a connection. To us, that is part of our quota. No evil intentions at heart. Down the line, things started getting good as some got their green cards so were able to visit home. Then the first self-examination sets in. Just after checking out of the Accra International Airport, you are bombarded with the question “when are you going back”. WHAT?????

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