Tourism: Ghana can generate enough revenue to support the economy — Lawyer Amoh Darteh

Travel & Tourism Tourism: Ghana can generate enough revenue to support the economy — Lawyer Amoh Darteh
OCT 27, 2022 LISTEN

A private legal practitioner Charles Kwaku Amoh Darteh said it is time for Ghana to tap into its many tourist opportunities to generate enough revenue to support the economy.

He made mention of Algeria, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt, Botswana and many other African countries that have taken the lead to benefit from their various tourism sector.

Speaking to Ohene Amoako (The Flag bearer) on Homebase TV 'Delivering on Our Promises' political show, the legal practitioner emphasised that Egypt has raked in millions of dollars from its historic pyramids as many tourists visit the country to have a view of them yearly.

Lawyer Charles Kwaku Amoh Darteh revealed that Ghana is geographically located close to the middle of the world and that provides a good opportunity to lure tourists into the country.

He stressed that Ghana has so many tourist sites that are exceptionally different from that of most African countries and urged Government to maximise its benefits.

"We have many castles and fortes that explain Ghana's history and I think we can get enough revenue from such monuments if properly made known to the world. Talk of the Cape Coast, Elmina and Christianborg castles, the James forte and the rest," he stated.

On the issue of the 'Year of Return' celebrations, the legal practitioner recounted that the country raked in enough revenue from the many people who came back to Ghana to join the celebrations as they patronised the local market for goods and services.

He added "I also think it is time for our hospitality industry to improve upon their activities especially with regards to customer service and human relations. Our taxi drivers and market women needs to be educated on the need to appreciate customer service as a great tool to woo tourists."

Kwabena Nyarko
Kwabena Nyarko

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