CfaN Kumasi Healing Crusade: 200 Evangelists deployed for soul winning

Religion CfaN Kumasi Healing Crusade: 200 Evangelists deployed for soul winning
OCT 12, 2022 LISTEN

Christ for All Nations Church (CfaN)m, an Evangelical Ministry founded by the late International Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is set to hold a 4-day mega soul winning crusade in the Ashanti region.

It has been slated for 10th November to 13th November 2022 and will be led by the successor of the founder Evangelist Daniel Kolenda under the auspices of the Ghana Pentecostal Church and Charismatic Council, the Christian Council and other Christian Organizations in Ghana.

Briefing the media, Rev Douglas Frimpong Manso, Crusade Manager-CfaN announced that 200 evangelists will be rolled out across all the 52 districts in the Ashanti region and will for three weeks preach the love of Christ with the ultimate aim of winning souls prior to the event.

They will reach out to schools, institutions, marketplaces and every part of Asanteman.

He underlined that the mandate of the Church is to preach the love of Christ and in the process revolutionize sinners for salvation.

Though evil is still hiking despite the daily rise in the number of Churches and religious activities in Ghana, Rev. Douglas Frimpong noted that it does not in any way indicate that preachers and for that matter the church is not effective in transforming sinners from their evil ways.

"The high ascendancy of evil is a fulfilment of Bible Prophesy that evil will be on the rise in the end times…so it is therefore not surprising that we are witnessing a high rate of immoral activities.

“Not that men of God are not doing their work correctly. We give everybody the opportunity to give his or her life to Christ.

"That’s the mandate of the Church. The duty of men of God is to keep on preaching the Gospel”, he added.

In 2004, the late Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kollenda held a mega crusade in Kumasi; the biggest crusade ever to be held in Ghana. Over 700,000 souls were won.

Enock Akonnor
Enock Akonnor

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