07.10.2022 Feature Article

A quick note to Ghana's foremost green entrepreneur Kofi Boakye-Yiadom - on why regime change is now a desirable-outcome

A quick note to Ghana's foremost green entrepreneur Kofi Boakye-Yiadom - on why regime change is now a desirable-outcome
07.10.2022 LISTEN

Favourite nephew, one now finally gets it: The question a wise and aspirational African people ought to ponder over is: What if, in reality, what is said to be a stable and peaceful liberal African democracy, is the manifestation of the pivotal-desired-outcomes, outlined in that damning Danquah Institute document outlining desired 30-year-timespan-outcomes, to protect today's big-thieves-in-high-places from paying for their many egregious crimes against Ghanaians?

You are absolutely right, favourite nephew: How, indeed, can one continue to support protecting the 4th Republic, if such an abominable document can be produced, and circulated, to reassure those responsible for (and who have benefited mightily from the egregious on-the-ground dreadful-consequences, of the rule-by-clever-idiots we are now experiencing)?

Yes, it is foolish, in the extreme, for one to continue supporting a regime so clearly dominated by too-clever-by-half greed-filled sods, who are amoral covert-oligarchs, who think they are superior beings, who are all above the law, and thus can justifiably manipulate our institutions of state, by placing their bed-fellows at helm-positions in those key state institutions, particularly the Judiciary and Electoral Commission, the Forestry Commission, Public Services Commission, etc., etc. That is clearly an oligarchy masquerading as a democracy to achieve its own Machiavellian-ends.

Yes, favourite nephew, it follows, a priori, then, that those of us who believe that only a society bedrocked on genuine commitment to the rule of law, not rule by tribal-supremacist, arrogant and bigoted-individuals (who think only of nation-wrecking schemes designed to send their personal net worth to stratospheric heights, at the expense of Mother Ghana, and our nation's hapless, hard-done-by masses), should no longer resist, and campaign against, a strictly-controlled, 4th June, 1979-type holding-to-account regime-change, if that is what, at day's end, will prevent the ticking social time bomb we are sitting on from suddenly exploding.

So, yes, such a putsch is in order, and can be morally justified, on common-good grounds - to save our dear nation from certain-implosion and permanent-ruination.

It is in light of all the above, that one thus now concedes, that to continue to support, at any point time in our history, a sitting head, of any government-of-the-day, whose powers have clearly been effectively usurped by the most greedy self-seeking big-thieves-in-high-places, in his or her inner-circle, on high-principle-grounds (because that will ensure peace and stability of Ghanaian society), is naive and dangerous nonsense on bamboo stilts, and untenable. Massa, I concede: Enough, really, is enough - change must come to save Mother Ghana from permanent-ruination. Today. Not tomorrow. Full stop. Case closed.