06.10.2022 Feature Article

Resolving the Ghana Galamsey Issue

Resolving the Ghana Galamsey Issue
06.10.2022 LISTEN

Ghana has reached a critical point where President Akufo Addo has no choice but to make a tough executive decision within the next few weeks or risk danger for the nation.

Nobody would wish a military coup or revolution on his worst enemy. However African leaders seem to have a thick skull. I am old enough to recall the circumstances that have led to the previous military coups in Ghana from 1966.

Let's look back and see and analyze:

1. 1963-66 under our beloved Nkrumah with Declaration of 1-Party State and Opposition boycotting parliament. I was only a high school student but today wonder if a man can win 75% of popular votes, why declare a one-Party state? It did not make sense to me! I have thought about this for the last 56 years.

2. 1969-72 under Dr. Busia with his dialogue with Apartheid South Africa. It was a man going against the tide of our African liberation and Busia had to go!

3. 1972-79 under Col. Acheampong with the UNIGOV idea of non-partisan Government. This did not make too much sense as it was going to continue a dictatorship!

4. 1979-81 under Dr.Limann- with the unresolved high level corruption scandal. Perhaps too mature,, and fate dealt us the longest military and brutal regime ever. Rawlings PNDC government changed the destiny of a developing black star nation to the spirit of a people with shattered image of themselves, where women engaged in traditional trading were stripped naked and beaten in the open! It was a crime to earn a profit and build a house and Business, but okay to seize others’ vehicles and houses and businesses under the PNDC.

After that era, people seem to enter Government to get their share of the booty! Love for country is gone.

My Proposed SOLUTION:

Ghana is broke! With the economic forecast so dire, with debt to GDP ratio to hit more than 104% in the next two years, debt of more than $72 billion and none of his Ministers able to understand compound interest, plus Galamsey environmental degradation triggering the EU to consider banning Ghana cocoa and coffee, here is my proposal:

The President should simply do these:

A. Declare a state of emergency now and declare all surface mining licenses revoked.

B. Invite all legal foreign miners to a dialogue of alternate employment in Ghana or time to leave and Ghana help them with their fare back.

Chinese or those with adequate capital can be allowed to stay and engage in large scale Agriculture and Manufacturing, as approved by the Government. It is not mandated that the only business the Chinese can engage in is mining. No!

In fact with their excavators I think the Chinese can get involved in road and home construction also. Let the help build rural infrastructure! Chinese and other foreigners have always had a competitive advantage over ordinary Ghanaians due to their Capital. It is a new life! And it’s a matter of simply no more surface mining! Period!

It takes a bold move by a leader to save a nation and successful leaders are known to be characterized with what is called “Executive Decision Making”. Let’s just do it! Me. President and save your nation and your reputation.

Dr. K. Danso (Oct.5, 2022)

Intn’l President- Ghana Leadership Union (GLU)

East Legon, Accra, Ghana

Livermore, California, USA.