GRA drags two entities before CID over alleged breach of tax laws

Business & Finance GRA drags two entities before CID over alleged breach of tax laws
OCT 1, 2022 LISTEN

Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has handed over some managers of two facilities to the CID Unit of the Ghana Police Service for an investigation into non-compliance with the country's tax law.

The facilities which were swooped on Friday night, September 30, are Poky House at Airport residential area and the Alleys pub and club at Osu, which were found not to be issuing the Commissioner-General's invoice.

Speaking to the media after the exercise, Area Enforcement Manager of GRA in charge of Accra Central, Joseph Annan presented that the apprehended facilities had violated regulations of the Value Added Tax (VAT).

He said the exercise or operations were part of an ongoing nationwide VAT Invigilating exercise by the authority to retrieve some taxes due the State.

“We are doing a test purchase, what we are looking out for is that once you are registered to charge VAT, Section 41 of the VAT act mandates you to issue the VAT invoice or an appropriate invoice sanctioned by the Commissioner General. Once you have not done that, you have committed an offence.”

“When we come, we will look at your records of account and assess you. There will be a full audit once investigations are done.”

By Citi Newsroom