Ghana fights against Galamsey

By Sebastian S.K. Afari
Article Ghana fights against Galamsey
OCT 1, 2022 LISTEN

The contribution of Small-Scale Mining to the development of many countries is extremely huge. The mining industry supplies much to exports and serves as one of the main sources of employment for mankind. It is currently the fifth largest industry in the world and it plays a crucial role in the world economic development. The trade of mineral commodities represents a substantial part of international trade. Mining investment, irrespective of the type or kind of mining being undertaken is capital intensive. It is a high-risk as well as a high reward business for mining companies and communities.

Despite the enormous contribution of mining outlined, the negative impact Small Scale Mining popularly known as Galamsey create can never be over emphasised.

Across Ghana, mostly within Ashanti, Western, and Western North Regions, the activities of Galamsey have had major negative consequences on the inhabitants.

A recent article published in Morden Ghana revealed the devastating effect of flooding within the Asankragwa township (A town in the Western Region) as a result of the activities of Galamsey.

A search conducted by this writer suggests another detrimental effect of Galamsey on the Wassa Dunkwa-Enchi highway which connects the people of the Western Region to that of the Western North region.

The consequential detriment of Galamsey on Health has been left unattended. Yet much research has been done in the area.

Has the government of Ghana done much in the area of Galamsey by reducing it to its minimum level?

I believe this is a big question to be discussed some other day.

As the section of people who are hit by these erroneous actions happen to be the citizenry, whether or not the government is doing bad, the lives of each individual must be taken into their own hands to protect the environment.

We must live up to expectations to protect the environment from the inhumane activities of Illegal Small-Scale Mining.

Let us rise to the task!!

Written By

Sebastian S.K. Afari

Environmental Safety Practitioner

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