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02.12.2005 Feature Article

Mr. Chairman shut up before you do more damage ...

Mr. Chairman shut up before you do more damage  ...
Listen to article the Party and Presidency Most reasonable and like minded Ghanaians do appreciate the objectivity and sense of fair play by 95% of our Press and media The silent majority both home and abroad are fully aware of the lurking dangers and traps that await our fragile democrat experiment if loose talk becomes the order of the day. .

It is therefore simply not good enough for the Chairman of the ruling Party to get himself trapped or to talk loosely thereby bring the party and Presidency into disrepute.

Esseku's rebuttal in the Accra Mail is at best nonsense at worst a complete betrayal of the President. Never mind the professionalism of the Ghana media and Esseku falling into a trap. What trap? Every politician in the country knows Raymond Archer. He is well known for his inquisitorial and investigative approach to the news.

The Chairman said “ Lord Commey introduced them to him as 2 young friends of the Party”-absolute tosh? Raymond Archer a young friend of the party?

As Chairman of the ruling party NPP has he never set sight on Raymond Archer? One of the most brilliant, talented and prolific journalists of our time? God have Mercy on me.

Come of it Esseku, why did you not conduct the interview at the party headquarters? Why was no one present during the interview? Did he inform Dan Botwe of the interview? Did he inform the Chief of Staff of the impending interview? If Esseku wanted a serene scene why did he not invite them to La Palm beach Hotel?

What the hell was Esseku playing at? “Did Esseku think Raymond Archer was going to ask him about the state of the weather? If the question was about his own campaign what the hell did he get into the issue of financing of the party as a whole?

The Editor of my local newspaper who is a friend of Ghana and follows the Ghanaian political scene was lost for words. His only comment was “Appiah too many people are letting down the President “

Come of it Esseku- You have let down the President and the Party. No amount of rebuttals will do. Like many other Party members both home and abroad I do not believe a word of your rebuttal You should never have compromised the President and the party.

You have every right to comment on your own campaign but not to bring the Presidency into disrepute. It is galling and sickening to note that some senior members of our party are back stabbers and not trustworthy.

Mr. Chairman do not rub salt into the wounds of the Party. I have stated here and I will reiterate it again Like all of us this president is not an angel despite his human faults he is a fine, decent, honorable and a respecter of the rule of law. As a person he is probably one of the best democrats in sub-Sahara Africa. He has withstood insults to himself, his family, friends, and party without spitting any fire. What African President has been insulted that much?

I can understand Mr. Chairman, Tony Aidoo and Ama Beniwaa and John Jerry casting slurs and insinuations but you – Mr. Haring Esseku someone who has eat and drank form the same table as the President? On a personal note I do regret giving you the last supply of sachet of water during our last campaign outing at Korle – Bu. I should have given the last 2 satchets to R. R. Amponsah and left you out.

The President deserves better. With friends like Esseku the President is in no need of enemies. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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