No insurance package for commercial 'pragya' operators - NIC

By Samuel Nana Effah Obeng || Contributor
Social News No insurance package for commercial 'pragya' operators - NIC
SEP 28, 2022 LISTEN

The Central Regional Head of the National Insurance Commission (NIC), Madam Nicholina Naa Yeye Adumuah has said riders of tricycles popularly known as 'Pragya' are not entitled to any insurance package when involved in accidents.

Speaking on the HardTruth show on Ahomka FM and Ocean 1TV, Madam Adumuah further elaborated that, the tricycles are only registered for private purposes as required by law, hence, their use for commercial purposes is illegal.

"It therefore poses as a threat to anyone who uses it for commercial purposes or anyone who boards it on commercial basis," she stated.

Madam Adumuah indicated that she feels helpless when reports come to her attention about tricycles involved in accidents. "This is because, most of these accidents, which end up rendering the occupants permanently incapacitated, do not provide any insurance cover for the occupants." She urged the general public to desist from using “pragya” on commercial basis until the law permits it.

Confirming the statement, the Central Regional Head of the National Road Safety Authority, Mrs. Linda Afotey Annan said in ensuring that the country benefits fully from the services of these operators through taxes and protect lives and properties, Parliament should consider reviewing the laws to activate the legal operations of “pragya” which accounts for several of the accident cases recorded in recent times.

Mrs. Annan said, regulating the commercial use of “pragya” will help minimize the numerous challenges facing the industry which include under-aged drivers, driving without license and refusal to abide by road regulations among others.