Why Do You Hold John Mahama Liable For Akufo Addo's Disgrace On Stage?

Feature Article Why Do You Hold John Mahama Liable For Akufo Addo's Disgrace On Stage?
SEP 27, 2022 LISTEN

The majority of Ghanaians no longer respect the country's president, Nana Akufo Addo. They no longer respect him because they believe he has deceived them into going through unnecessary hardships they don't deserve by pretending to be better for them than John Mahama. Now consider the devastation and mayhem that this man has brought about.

Name them: the collapse of the economy, the high crime and unemployment rates, the terrible chronic corruption, the highest recorded inflation under any democratic administration, the failure of the E-Levy implementation which has ruined thousands of businesses, and huge debt without accountability. This presidency has also brought about the worst currency depreciation and an unclear future for the nation.

The more the president is ridiculed and treated disrespectfully on social media, the more he acts as though he is unaware of what is going on. Therefore, the president's appearance on stage at the Global Citizens Festival on September 25, 2022, was the ideal time for individuals who were angry with the president to voice their outrage.


The era when NPP politicians like Akufo Addo and Bawumia misled Ghanaians into thinking that John Mahama was the most dishonest politician in the country's political history is over. Akufo Addo is a political-corrupt Mafia, as evidenced by the current collapsed economy, depressed currency, high, enormous debt without accountability, high crime, and unemployment rates after more than six years in power.

What happened, with the furious, hungry, and unemployed youth jeering at the president was something Akufo Addo wasn't prepared for. Since Mahama wasn't the one who was treated with such contempt, many NPP Politicians who weren't pleased with the outcome wrongly accused the previous Ghanaian leader of being to blame for Akufo Addo's dishonor.

Since John Mahama's loss in the 2016 presidential election, he has been accused with every government failure and incompetence imaginable. It is quite regrettable that Mahama is still the target of several charges regarding whatever has gone wrong or is still going wrong with the NPP government. There has never been a space for the government to learn from its mistakes because they are glad they have Mahama to blame.

The best persons to explain why many people accuse innocent people of their shame or blame others for their failure, even when the victims had nothing to do with such events, are probably psychologists. The simplest way for people to absolve themselves of all responsibility and bargain with their conscience is to assign blame to others for their problems and circumstances.

Many people point the finger at others to accept the victim mentality and paint their failure as the consequence of coercion. People that are intelligent, hardworking, and capable of handling any challenge never place blame on others for their shortcomings because they are determined to identify the root of the failure and take steps to address it to be successful. This is only one of the many reasons why the Akufo Addo administration has been a total failure.

Imagine Ghana's economy and debt, which are now in a sad condition and have discouraged both domestic and foreign investments. Instead of addressing the issues to promote investment, the president claimed that Mahama can't sleep because of his victory in the 2016 and 2020 elections. Who among the wise and experienced leaders would utter such a thing? More crucially, he lost the 2020 election, why then won't people boo at him?

The NPP government gains the sympathy and support of the tribal population by accusing Mahama because they are aware that they will always have supporters among the tribes. Isn't it absurd for Ernest Owusu Bempah, the NPP's deputy director of communications, to claim that Mahama is the reason the NPP government has turned to the IMF? Why he remained silent about the stolen money, which included COVID funds?

The NPP government blames others for their failure rather than accepting responsibility for their long-standing involvement in corruption, the high unemployment rate that Ghanaians have faced under their rule, crime, and the collapse of the economy, broken promises, and other problems that have not gone well.

No, the NPP government would not tolerate such failures because they believed it would negatively impact their prospects of remaining in power. As a result, they would always choose to blame John Mahama. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If the NPP rigs the elections once more in 2024 and the enraged Ghanaians erupt in violence, Akufo Addo will rally his supporters to blame John Mahama.

I've written a lot, and they've all come to pass. Ghanaians shouldn't ignore my warning: "If Eugene Arhin and Paul Adom-Otchere aren't imprisoned, nobody should vote for the NPP again. Why would any educated Ghanaian support Akufo Addo as he continues his corruption spree? Since his administration has had a greater rise in corruption than any other Ghanaian leader, it will continue to rise in 2024.

Only mature people will be able to accept accountability for their deeds. After all, becoming independent and building a career requires acknowledging faults and improvement. Everyone coincides with this writer that since the NPP cannot accept responsibility for their actions and refuses to apologize when they are wrong, even though the nation is in debt, such regimes are doomed to failure.

Because the administration has no meaningful intentions to benefit Ghanaians, such failures and scandals shouldn't come as a surprise to Ghanaians. Ghana will not benefit from the IMF's assistance to the NPP government. The money will make Ghana's debt and corruption worse.

The intelligent ones among Ghanaians shouldn't be concerned by the government's assertion that it will break the eighth cycle. They can't because this carnage can't be victorious unless they rig the polls or steal votes, but they should be careful what they wish for because I can't tell what will happen since the majority of Ghanaians are not prepared to face this institutionalized suffering and hardships after 2024.

The NPP government will never advance and will forever hold the title of being the worst political party in the Republic of Ghana because it would be a great humiliation for Akufo Addo and his administration to accept failure, accountability, and criticism. The current jeers directed at Akufo Addo are just the beginning; the president should be ready for more if he ever enters a public space.