Danger: Structural defects develops on Kaneshie overhead bridge

Social News Danger: Structural defects develops on Kaneshie overhead bridge
SEP 27, 2022 LISTEN

Concerns of pedestrians over the safety of Kaneshie overhead bridges have heightened with one of them showing structural defects.

Commuters Monday morning had to walk on the ‘second’ bridge with great caution due to the defects and rusty nature of the bridge.

Concrete slaps adjoining the deck and abutment of the bridge have curved outwards – crack- forcing commuters on the south wing to make slight jumps to bypass the ‘obstacle’.

The aged and persons with disabilities had a hard time crossing the ‘obstacle’ on the bridge, which is not disability friendly.

Despite the danger, the bridge was heavily flooded by preachers, beggars and some traders who had displayed their wares on it.

The heavy load of pedestrians using the staircase of the bridge generates uncomfortable vibrations, which frightens children and first-timers.

The Ghana News Agency (GNA) gathered that the bridge developed the crack Saturday morning.

In an interview, Mr Kwame Ntim, a pedestrian, said: “We must save lives and property and not wait for any disaster before we take action.”

Officials at the Ghana Highway Authority said a technical team was working to assess the situation and urged the public to use the bridge with caution.

There are two overhead bridges near the Kaneshie Market to guarantee safe passage of pedestrians crossing the busy Dr Busia Highway.

In recent years, the safety of the bridges has been of major concern to the public due to corrosion and pressure on the metallic structures.