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19.11.2005 Feature Article

Mr. President, Have You Forgotten About The Kayayo Problem?

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I would be very glad if you could empower me to remind the president of one the factors which pose a serious challenge to the development of Ghana. Until the Kayayo issue is dissolved, Ghana's quest for development would never be realized.

Time has come and circumstances demands that proper measures be put in place to help solve this social canker. All development loving homosapiens frown on this menace and are yearning for the time it would come to an end.

Mr. President, I believe you would forever be praised by generations yet unborn if your regime strive hard to put it to an end. The unsuccessful attempts by past governments to solve the problem do not mean that it cannot be solved. There is no problem without a solution on earth.

Mr. President, I believe you know the cause of the problem more than I do. The lack companies and consequently job opportunities in the North has contributed to this problem. Apart from Kayayo, this has contributed to lot of other problems such as violence and, school drop outs and its attendant problems.

What then do we need to do Mr. President? I think we need to woo some of the investors coming to Ghana invest and set up companies in the Northern part of the country. This would create jobs for the people. Parents would then be able to take care and pay school fess of their children; this would help reduce the Kayayo problem since some of them troop to the cities because their parents cannot take care of them or pay their school fees. The youth would also be employed and hence violence and the kayayo problem would be brought under control.

Without bordering you further, I would leave you to reflect on my suggestions careful and come out with action-oriented measures to help put an end to Kayayo. I encourage you to consider wooing the foreign investors to invest in Northern and let's see the impact within the next few years. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

Mohammed Sulemana
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