Our Democracy Is Staggering From Power Drunk Nana Addo Government

By Jerry kweku Quainoo
Opinion Our Democracy Is Staggering From Power Drunk Nana Addo Government
SEP 27, 2022 LISTEN

Ghana under the 4th Republic has enjoyed freedom and justice and as such the envy of democracy in the West African sub-region. The fundamental human rights of the people is a sine qua non, however, these basic rights and protection of right to life and personal liberty have always been a big question under the Nana Addo - Bawumia led Government.

This current Government uses its power in such a way that is inappropriate and unfitting in every circumstance. An example of such is the bullying tactics adopted by this Government in the passing of the E-levy into a law. The Government and its officials take decision without proper consultations with the people’s representatives views and opinions of the people are not taken into consideration and the worse of it all is that citizenry are afraid to exercise their constitutional right to demonstrate to express their grievances against bad Government policies and interventions for fear of being brutalized..

Ghana has witnessed much brutalities under this current Government, a typical example is the attack on the Arise Ghana Demonstrators some few months past. This indeed is a clear abuse of power and an indication that our President has no recourse to the rule of law. If he did, he would have hesitated to employ state institutions like the police to commit heinous crimes against the citizenry.

Ghana is in a total mess and chaos. Our country’s current situation under this Government is a true reflection of Herbert Hoover’s quote , that, “it is a paradox that every dictator has climbed to power on the ladder of free speech , and immediately on attaining power the dictator will suppress all free speech except his own”. Should we then believe Kojo Twum Boafo for calling Nana Addo a ‘Thug’ ?

It is well understandable that the country is governed by laws but the laws under Article 23 of the 1992 Constitution speaks about the use of administrative powers and its usage which must not be used arbitrarily capriciously ,but must be used fairly and in tandem with due process of the law.

The Minister for Communication, the Honorable Ursula Owusu Akuffo and her cohorts have taken the law into their own hands by collapsing and frustrating Ghanaian businesses. This they have done in their so called “No registration No sim” policy. It is sad, to say the least that the re-registration of one’s sim card is only done by a Ghana Card which is obtained at a fee of GHS250.00. One wonders how many Ghanaians will be able to afford the said GHS250.00 to enable them re-register their sim cards and stay connected with family and friends.

A leader who abuses his discretionary powers and spends his country’s resources to build a cathedral based on his personal pledge to God while he watches the poor taxpayer and his kids sleep on empty stomachs , sit on concrete slabs and stones in dilapidated buildings to study is a wicked leader.

It is evident that this country is being infested with super incompetent family and friends Government who are power drunk and have no regard for the people. The President has clearly shown to the citizenry that he pays no heed to their plight neither does he take their concerns into consideration.

A leader who dwells in deceit and peddles falsehood is not sensitive to his people and the good Lord he serves will forbid him even when he builds 3,000 Cathedrals. The hard truth is that Ghana’s economy is sitting on a time bomb and could be wiped away like a volcano if care is not taken.

The Citizenry are crying for a Change and Change it must be!!

Yours Sincerely

Jerry Kweku Quainoo