Marriage Link Consult officially launched to provide solutions to marriage-related challenges

Social News Marriage Link Consult officially launched to provide solutions to marriage-related challenges
SEP 26, 2022 LISTEN

A new company, Marriage Link Consult has been set up to respond to pressing social and family challenges facing the Ghanaian society, particularly in relation to marriages.

Set to be known as M-LINK Consult, Marriage Link Consult was officially launched on Friday, September 23, 2022, at the company’s office offices at house number DF123 Mantse Boi Street, opposite the Cocoa Clinic.

M-LINK Consult among other things has been set up to promote social happiness and wellbeing through the institution of marriage.

In this regard, the company will be providing a one-stop shop of marriage support through four distinct but interrelated packages.

Speaking at the event launch of Marriage Link Consult, Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. Dickson Antwi indicated that there is the need to counter the threat to the institution of marriage and promote social harmony and peace in the home by providing a safe, reliable and trustworthy avenues for the ready-to-marry individuals in society to find marriageable partners.

He said M-Link Consult has come to complement the efforts of religious and civil society leaders to maintain family harmony through the provision of customised counselling services.

He assured that his outfit will protect and promote the institution of marriage through various services they will be offering to clients.


Gracing the event as one of the special guests, former Ghana Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Sylvanus Tettey-Tamaklo welcomed the new company, adding that it will have an important role to play.

In an advise, he charged couples to learn to forgive one another whether married or just in a relationship. He implored M-Link Consult to make it a point to always preach forgiveness to clients.

“The issue of forgiveness is very important in every marriage or relationship. Marriage Link must treat it. I also want you to treat the intestate succession law and the sickling tests as topics. They are very important,” Sylvanus Tettey-Tamaklo remarked in his speech.

Delivering a virtual speech, counselor Mrs. Marilyn Suttah who is one of the resources persons for M-Link Consult shared that while courtship limited to only faith-based organizations has its merits, many prospective couples have had to battle with difficult decisions of backing out of their relationships when certain sensitive and threatening issues arise during counselling sessions.

She said in some cases, this has driven many individuals into terrible relationships for fear of ridicule or criticism by their church members, friends, or society in general.

According to Mrs. Marilyn Suttah, she is confident such problems will be addressed by an institution such as Marriage Link Consult.

“I am glad a new era is finally approaching where reputable counselling firms like the Marriage Link Consult have been established to cater for such needs. I am honoured to be a resource person for this noble institution.

“It is my earnest prayer that the good Lord will sustain it and out of this initiative, many lives will be touched and directed onto the right paths. Congratulations to you Mr. Dickson Antwi and your team and well done for this brilliant initiative,” counselor Mrs. Marilyn Suttah said in her speech.


Packages offered by M-Link Consult:

(i) Marriage Partner Identification and Matching for people who are ready to take the long walk to marriage and need assistance to identify partners in a confidential, reliable, and purpose-driven manner;

(ii) Premarital Counselling for faith and non-faith-based individuals to adequately prepare them before marriage. This includes legal education on the types and meaning of the various forms of marriages under the laws of Ghana;

(iii) Marriage Events Organization to assist couples to have stress-free marriage events which are customized to suit their budget thus making it easy for people to marry without much financial strain; and

(iv) Marriage Juice-Up service that enables already married couples who have challenges in their marriages and who require independent, private, and professional counselling support.

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Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo
Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo

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