You don't kill people to become a chief — Bawku Naba

Headlines You don't kill people to become a chief — Bawku Naba
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The Paramount chief of the Kusaug Traditional Area, Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II, has said, killing innocent people just to become chief is not the ways of a true leader who wants to rule the very people he is inflicting nothing but pains.

His comment follows the renewed chieftaincy conflict between the Kusasi and the Mamprusi tribes for the past three decades.

The Bawku Naba expresses worry about the killing of innocent people as a result of the conflict. "If you say you are fighting for the skin and you are killing all the people, who would you rule when all the people are dead?" he quizzes.

Naba Azoka II, made this statement on Sunday at his Palace in Bawku in the Upper East Region when the Interior Minister, Defence and IGP visited his palace to find lasting solutions to the disturbance in Bawku.

Zugraana Naba Azoka II said he is the legitimate Paramount Chief overseeing six administrative districts of the Kusaug Traditional Area and 25 divisional chiefs. The administrative districts are Pusiga, Binduri, Bawku West, Bawku municipal, Garu and Tempane.

Naba Azoka told the interior minister and his entourage that "if the Mamprusis in Bawku are saying they will not respect the Supreme Court ruling, look around here, I have 25 divisional chiefs all over the kusaug area. If I say they should also get up and fight would it be good for them?

Naba Azoka II applauded the interior and his entourage for initiating the process for peace to return but called on them to equally engage the overlord of Mamprugu to call his people in Bawku to order.

Naba Azoka II also expressed worried about the curfew particularly the ban on motor riding in town as well as "Mahama can do" which are the common means of transportation.

According to him, it is a blow to market women, teachers, nurses and residents who now finds it difficult to go about their daily activities.

The situation, Bawku Naba indicated has affected every aspect of their Iives socially and economically.

"It is the Yellow yellow that transports everything, our children, teachers, nurses and even that's where the youth get their daily bread. It has affected my people and I am calling on you to lift the ban on the yellow yellow and the wearing of smock for chiefs," he emphasised.

Atubugri Simon Atule
Atubugri Simon Atule

Upper East Regional Correspondent Page: AtubugriSimonAtule