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How Mandatory Head Covering is less Worse than Mandatory Uncovering?

How Mandatory Head Covering is less Worse than Mandatory Uncovering?
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I oppose both Mandatories based on reasons, and urge humankind to be careful of indifference on vivid oppressing of minorities. Unnecessary dictating of human beings is almost as old as human beings, but still very wrong. Even teenagers should not be dictated in how Iran, France, Quebec, and other places are trying to impose on adults, and often on one gender: females. This does not mean millions of females+ are not guilty culprits and billions of females+ are not guilty of indifference against their fellow humans ? Yes, many men are not innocent, but I think females as the primary victims in this particular issue should choose better than indifference... Will both genders learn and act from this humanist? Consistent analysing methods show Iran+ is denying a fraction of their women 'fun' , but France+ is denying their minority females 'working opportunities ' or even learning opportunities? If you patiently read through, I will provide tips on how to end both Mandatories. Remember I told the world: Big Devils deny you fun, bigger Devils deny you working opportunities, biggest Devils deny you learning opportunities. So who will sanction, censor, publish, share, or block me over this article?

The Western world is not as innocent as they portray themselves, nor is Iran Islamic, especially on Mandatory head covering. One part of the west do worse against minority females, and the rest of the western world indifferently watch or gradually copy? The French state does not have the right to deny Muslim women working opportunities over a veil, nor should it allow French companies to do so even to immigrant Muslims, let alone citizens. Why did the u.s+ political leaders and media big wigs failed to condemned France+ like they do against Iran? Ilhan Omar is a so called Muslim u.s congresswoman with a veil and I do not think she is a danger to her co-workers or should be insulted as being under male indoctrination. What she, Nancy Pelosi, and many others are guilty of is hypocrisy or blind to psychological torture Mandatory uncovering may cause, plus unnecessary denials, as what level of devils?

Rich 'Devils' like Epstein or xyz lure individuals, but Rich devilish countries lure groups who over value money and earthly fun? Hello the about 15% of Iranian women who want the fun of uncovered hair, come to France or u.s; hello the majority of Iranian women who prefer veil as option, we will deny you more than fun in some parts of the west? The unfortunate ones who believe that majority of Iranians have the right to deny 'fun' their minorities are bad or mistaken; but the westerners+ who believe the majority of French+ have the right to deny work and fun their minorities over a harmless veil are what? This example is financial leaning, but can be much deeper.

Physical vs mental: Forcing a woman to wear a physical veil of few grams may feel uncomfortable, but how will it affect her mentally at home, after throwing off the veil? I did not have the chance to show off how beautiful my hair is, men did not stare at me enough, etc. It felt like winter, cover up, lightly, not heavily. They fear my hair or cannot control themselves, so they impose few grams on me? Forcing a woman to uncover her hair unnecessarily is much closer to forcing her to uncover her breast or hips? Even from a secular point, it can be very psychologically torturing. I remember when I used to wear hats and some nightclubs have dress codes that bar hats, you can comply or skip them, but will always wonder what harm my hat will do to them? May be I don't like a part of my head or covering an ugly scar, but they may not care or claim no one can see it at night. Or believed the hat will make me look better and get a girl who thinks her uncovered hair will help her get me ? Even some secular girls may not prefer to show their hair for different reasons, and society have no right to fear a covered head, with very vivid face. I won't defend face covering, just head covering. Religiously, it can psychologically torture in much worse ways. She may not only worry about God, but every time men stare at her or ask her out, she may feel partial guilt, especially if it is more often than when she is in a country where veil is optional or Mandatory.

Male vs female, plus culture: They bar them veil on so called Religious symbols, but the sad reality is a man can wear a "Religious" hat or even Religious scarf without problems? The African head dress is not very far from veil, and how do they treat such or those who add scarf to it? Islamophobia is very real, but hating Islam also truly exist and they are very tactical in that fight. My Iranian friend, in Canada, once told me, 'you are a man, you will have no problem in Iran'; the other reality is Iranian Muslim men will have lot less problem than Iranian Muslim women when they travel to the west. If they deny your wife work over veil, you have more burden. If she choose money over religion, conscience, or simple belief, time may challenge her... I don't think the west is female friendly, beyond female Muslims, they just hate men and prefer women who hate or are indifferent to men. It's about culture than religion, but some foolish people over adore western culture, while claiming the west do not have culture. Beside pornography, western culture always demanded less clothing for women. Some may claim is their men who demand it, but it could be their evil women who encourage it and demand men should cover up more? Feel free to debate how it came about, but which gender is more offended by a veil or lack of it? Which gender support up to what level of punishment because someone refuse to show her shoulders or hair?

Financial Secrets: We can never dismiss Financial issues when the west is involve, money is God to many. The hair industry brings in billions, especially from females than males. White Christian and semi Christians women spend millions, and black women claim they spend both money and time than other women on hair. So allowing Arab+ women to wear beautiful veils can be a Financial threat to some. They may fear more black women may choose it as secular fashion, plus the Arabs they force to uncover may now spend more on their hair? Yes, the veil industry is huge, but not any close to hiring hair dressers and the expensive creams+.

I am clearly opposed to Mandatory uncovering for multiple reasons, not just Religious. However, I also oppose Mandatory head covering, especially at state level. The Verses that specify dress code in the Koran happens to end it with, 'piety is better'. Meaning clothing is important, but focus more on other more important things. Also no form of punishment is recommended for failing to comply on the dress code and other personal sins through out the Koran. The Angels or God did not forget, they want us to tolerate and have patience on many things, especially personal sins. Just because the Koran Frowned at or even condemned something does not mean it is punishable by humans. Such punishing is also against decent Conscience. We can have more accommodating dress code and let the Koranic dress code be optional as going to Mecca? You can claim it is mandatory between you and God, but no country have the right to fine or jail rich people for failing to visit Mecca.

I recommend mass sensitization first, suing the guilty states second, mass protests and others may follow. With the right message, we can get the conscientious French+ to protest with us. Tactically fight back, including sending your children to study law towards supreme Court judges and run for office as citizens. Once you are voted in, then your voice may change them or consider wearing a veil as a man or woman in parliament and ask your fellow colleagues and beyond to end the oppression. Similarly, a strong sensitization can change countries like Iran, because the Koran is valued and going beyond what the Koran directly recommends is risky. Conscience is what I value most, and remember ch.4 told us it is not the desires of Jews, Christians, or Muslims God will judge by. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer

Optional Note :

The Children of Africa who Ran away or were expelled are in clear cultural battles , but Africans should honestly advise and let God judge. Arab Culture and Islam are not necessarily the same, and anyone may misinterpret the Koran, including Arabs. Our White children are also trying to impose revamped white culture around the world. Both worlds may be financially wealthier than Africa, but Africa have many natural blessings and even our imperfect cultures sometimes beat both worlds we often over adore. Even the clothing we are discussing, only Mauritania have Mandatory female head covering in Africa, to the best of my knowledge. Not one single African country have Mandatory uncovering of the head, but they are indifferently silent about the oppression in France+?

When the Arabs came to Africa with good and questionable Islam, many things happened, but no where was known to imposed strict head covering. Of course the cultural African head dress was tactically pressured without fine or jail . I am not impressed in Arabic Schools in Africa, especially then.

When western colonisers came to Africa, Christian sponsored schools were many, largely good, but far from ideal. Even small Gambia of over 90% Muslims then, have Christian schools that separated the genders like Afghanistan, which I consider tolerable... To avoid lengthy article, I want to narrow it on clothing. The uniforms they imposed in the Gambia were not considerate towards Islam. For example, Saint Joseph High School is an all girls school with 'skirts' that many Muslim Girls and parents may not prefer. Such schools of Teenagers should have multiple uniforms to accommodate to all. State public schools should be most accommodating through options, regular and religious private schools can be educated and mildly pressured, if need be.

During the last presidential political debate in France, I learned how terrible Marin Le Pen was, but also how bad Macron and France are. She is not worth my time, many know her. Macron admits some French companies ban veils, the state allows it or waiting for individuals and organisations to challenge them in court? He also said, he supports such veil banning in schools, because they are 'shaping minds' there. Well, even the Koran exempt children from dress code, so a good Muslim will never be too hard on children on dress code or fight a state over it. However, at teenage level or high school, I think neither the state or parents should have unnecessary dictates on clothing. We should teach and give reasonable choices to teenagers, not impose cultures or religions... Teenagers who feel oppressed by the state can turn against the whole society. Parents who try to force religion on teenagers may actually reduce such teenagers as hypocrites before God, because he can read their minds ("hearts") and know what they reluctantly did. Some teenagers may even turn against the family. It is simply not worth it. Ask them questions, try to educate them, and they may learn as teenagers or later. There was a time I was not praying even as an adult and hated my parents for trying to force me. If I prayed in fear of them, how will God feel? God helped me back without the efforts of my parents or any visible human. The Koran repeatedly told Muhammad or anyone cannot bring people to Islam, we should only invite and God will decide.

We know Trump partly used Hatred of Islam and immigrants to rise to power. A female politician in Italy did similar and how will she fare compare to Le Pen's thoughts? Many did similar in Europe, some fail, but confirming this cultural battle I mentioned. Even Trump could have been contained lot better, but none of them is worth fearing or lying against. You win such by being truthful and smartly fighting. Many of us can make interesting videos to educate their populace and our leaders.'Does China or Russia deny Muslim women work over veil? The Gambia, Ghana, and many African countries are not like Iran, nor LGBTQ leaning France, why do they fear hijab (veil) or just enjoy oppressing muslims?' Have a group of nuns, a group of males with hijab or scarfs, add words you deem right. Think and make the videos, if you have talent or money. Macky Sall of Senegal, Algerian president, Erdoğan of Turkey, and others with Conscience or Islamic populace have the duty to privately and publicly confront folks like Macron+ and president of Iran+ as per ch.103. France is much worse on clothing laws and policies, yet they don't have deadly protests like Iran? Something is wrong, beyond mainstream media.

The western governments often fight along with a guilty or misled media. Marijuana is a perfect example. They lied against the plant and unnecessarily deny working opportunities to millions in the west than Africa. Now that social media is alive and some mainstream media are humbly learning, we have to educate with optimism, but may need to act at times. Once many westerners understand these oppressive clothing laws are based on lies, fighting a religion or culture, and can bring other problems, the best of them will demand change, similar to the marijuana laws. Coincidently, the marijuana war was also cultural, then later become financial valuing over humanity. The victims on that one was mainly blacks and men, and many women indifferently supported or still support them?