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Law Exam Leakage: Students Association questions credibility of examination body

Law Exam Leakage: Students Association questions credibility of examination body
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The National Association of Law Students has called for a full-scale investigation into reported leakage of the Ghana School of Law entrance paper scheduled for Friday morning.

The Association said the leakage, which had been confirmed by some candidates, raised questions about the credibility of the Independent Examination Committee of the General Legal Council – the body supervising the examination.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Asare Hassan, President of the Association, said the situation would disorganise the students and affect output.

“It's been confirmed by some of the candidates and the exam has been cancelled. Our sources say the exam has been rescheduled to 1330 hours but we are not sure because there has not been an official confirmation,” he told the GNA.

The 2022 entrance examination for admission to the Professional Law Course was scheduled to take place on Friday, September 23, 2022, from 1000 hours to 1130 hours.

However, hours before the exam was supposed to have started, copies of the said paper allegedly circulated on social media.

The General Legal Council is yet to officially respond to the reported leakage. But unconfirmed reports indicate that the said paper had been cancelled, awaiting further direction from the Council.

The Association of Law Students said the development vindicated its position that there was the need for reforms in the conduct and management of the entrance examination to make the process more transparent and credible.

“We think that this exam is even not an exam, it is a selection. Because it is a human institution, they should allow for students to seek for remarking and all that. Even when they make a mistake, they will stick to what they have,” Mr Hassan said.

“We need to put systems in place to resolve some of these issues that come up every now and then. If we need to fire where necessary, if we think people are incompetent, fire them. We need to investigate and get to the bottom of some of these issues,” he added.

This is not the first time an examination at the Ghana School of Law has been cancelled.

About two months ago, the Independent Examinations Body cancelled the Civil Procedure paper, which was expected to be written on, July 15, 2022.

The examination was cancelled after a copy of the paper was widely shared on social media.