Teeth whitening is teeth bleaching – Physician Assistant Dental

Health Teeth whitening is teeth bleaching – Physician Assistant Dental
SEP 22, 2022 LISTEN

Dental health officials do not recommend teeth whitening as it is seen as teeth bleaching which removes the protective mechanism.

Teeth whitening is like skin bleaching, “the way the skin reacts after bleaching, it is the same way with the teeth when you whiten the teeth, which is teeth bleaching, initially it will look white for you.

“People will admire it but as time goes on you will get the effect of the whitening, because you have removed the protective mechanism from it so you will feel this sensitivity,” Ms. Patricia Boateng, a Physician Assistant Dental, at the Prampram Polyclinic has stated.

During interaction with the media as captured by the Communication for Development and Advocacy Consult (CDA Consult) in Prampram she cautioned the public against using chemicals to whiten the teeth as the practice will cause teeth sensitivity.

Ms. Boateng added that when it happened one could not even eat, or drink water, whether hot or cold, and even talking would be difficult as according to her, the moment air passes through it, it would be painful due to the sensitivity.

“When it gets to that stage there is nothing we can do for you, you can buy different kinds of toothpaste, and drugs at that time but the effect will never leave you,” she cautioned.

She explained that a tooth was considered to be clean when it was free from any brownish, and cavity, adding that the whiteness of the teeth was based on the calcium composition content of one’s teeth.

Ms Boateng added that when the calcium composition content is higher it gives brighter teeth and vice-versa therefore people should not compare the colour of their teeth to that of others and use it as a basis to use chemicals to bleach the teeth.

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