Fact-Checking Sammy Gyamfi's Bare-Faced Lies On Npp Government's Record On District Hospitals

By Abdallah Matin
Letter Fact-Checking Sammy Gyamfi's Bare-Faced Lies On Npp Government's Record On District Hospitals
SEP 21, 2022 LISTEN

Dear Sammy Gyamfi

It is a height of patronising condescension and outright disrespect for you to look discerning Ghanaians in the face and engage in your typical stock-in-trade of fabrications and invention of your own set of 'facts' to shore up your ailing narratives.

In the course of your One-on-One with Benjamin Akakpo on Joynews, you intimated, inter alia, with a brazen impudence, how the government of H.E Nana Addo Dankwa IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY HAS NOT BUILT A SINGLE DISTRICT HOSPITAL. It is a heavy shokcer for me how you and your cohorts deliberately cook up cheap lies in your unholy propaganda factory and shamelessly want to pollute the discourse with them. Unfortunately for you, it won't stick. You got away with this one on Joynews because you were certainly having a field day in a monologue on that national platform.

It has been the abiding determination of the government of President Akufo-Addo to revive and strengthen our healthcare delivery system by delivering the physical infrastructure, technology and intervention policies that will ensure that the accessibility of basic healthcare is not the reserve of only the well-to-do in the society. It is for this reason when the NDC scrapped the Nursing training allowances, this government restored it and still continue to fulfil it in the face of grave economic adversity. It is for the same reason this government has restructured, improved and digitised the National Health Insurance Scheme after the NDC run it moribund. For the NPP, physical infrastructure is not the end in health delivery but what is most critical is the accessibility and affordability of the Ghanaian.

You were emphatic and confident about that dreadful lie, not even the interventions from Benjamim Akakpo, the host was forceful enough for you to back-track. This government, in terms of investment in the health preventive and protection mechanism, has got no coequal. Not just only physical infrastructure, but vaccines, PPEs, testing infrastructure, direct amelioration transfers and many more. On the score of District Hospitals, the records will speak for itself. The projects catalogued below are this government's legacy you have refused to see:

1.Tolon District Hospital

2. Construction Of €70m 600-bed Eastern Regional Hospital With Teaching Facilities at Effiduase

4. Ongoing Construction of 4-Storey 100 Bed Capacity Hospital At Tema Manhea

5. Adaklu District Health Centre

6. Completed Construction of Twifo Praso Government Hospital

7. Ongoing Construction of District Hospital in Kpeve in South Dayi District

8. Construction Of Walewale Government Hospital

9. Construction of Maase Hospital, Afigya Kwabre South District

10. Construction of Kumawu District Hospital for Sekyere Kumawu District Hospital(ongoing)

11. Completed Construction of Akropong Hospital

12. Upgrading and Extension Works At Kwahu Government Hospital

13. Ongoing Construction of 500 Bed Military Hospital At Afari In Atwima Nwabiagya South District

14. Construction of District Hospital At Akontombra In Sefwi Akontombra District

15. Yilo Krobo District Hospital

16. Somanya District Hospital

17. Central Gonja District Hospital

18. Ketu-North District Hospital

The list is endless. It is important to note that, no Agenda 111 project has been mentioned here. Agenda 111 is yet another huge investment government is making to plug the gaps in our healthcare system.

Typical of you, you will raise eye browse but be convinced that when you do any of the claims above we shall be ready to lower the browse and expose your distortions further.

Indubitable, there are not less than 1,206 health sector infrastructural projects across the length and breath of the country; with more 800 projects completed and the rest ongoing. Your misrepresentations, packaged falsities and brass distortions is seemingly gaining some momentum recently. Perhaps, it is a passport to your reelection in view of the impending internal parry reorganisation exercise. Fact is; lies is temporary and the truth is the ultimate winner.

Abdallah Matin